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  1. Those are good links GT500, very much appreciate it.  I could not find those on my own.  It's been a rough day so apologies for being irritated.  I know you guys are a good group of people and write some really good articles also.  I think I got the hang of it now.

    Don't know why I was not able to Update it after Extracting to the same location that it was downloaded to, a USB?  I'll give it another go on another day.  For now am happy to have another good tool just in case.  It seems to run very fast and I was able to easily Right Click and Whitelist a few files.  All in all, I like things that are simple and run fast, and of course I know you guys make good products.  I will try to make a donation soon if that is an option, if so where is the link please?

    Thanks guys for sticking with me and helping me learn how to use EEK!

  2. I deleted all the files on my USB, and now I cannot download another one.  Keeps asking me to Subscribe to the Newsletter but I already have.  I forget which files came with the download or else I could copy them back from my C:/EEK...maybe.  No, don't see the original .exe there....Arrgggg

    Okay, finally got it.  Boy today has been one of those frustrating days for sure!

  3. That's what I'm understanding now stapp.

    I wonder if it is not accepted to Extract Back to the same folder on the USB where is was downloaded to in the first place?

    Next time I will try to Copy over the Extracted Folder from C:/EEK back to the USB.  Or, now that I know, will just Extract to the Target pc and leave it there.  Though, it takes longer to Extract and Update, so I wonder if I can use the same Folder from C:/EEK to drop into any of my pc's?

    Either way I think I got it now, though I did not understand the install method at first.

  4. In this case, did it install files and folders elsewhere, or just in One Folder in Local Disk > C Drive?  I see know that an .exe can be an installer or what I consider sort of an Unpacker.  But still, this does not answer the question.  Are other files installed, or was it just Unpacked to the EEK Folder in C?

    49 minutes ago, JeremyNicoll said:

    A program does not need to be "Installed to" anywhere if it is designed to just run from wherever it is.  So I'd expect the EEK executable to be happy on a USB drive, and if you chose to copy it somewhere else, I'm sure it'd be happy there too.

    I guess I need to search for files all over File Explorer, why don't they just be more clear about the type of program it is?  The Tutorial really needs a tune up, or at least the one I looked at .


    41 minutes ago, JeremyNicoll said:

    I'm not sure about your second question; I'm wondering if somehow you've got Windows confused with several copies of EEK in different places.


    You say this, but then below you said:

    51 minutes ago, JeremyNicoll said:

    If you're now trying to install that set of files to the USB drive you're going round in circles.

    Please keep it simple for me, is this program designed to run from a USB or not?  Because when I did, the Updates would never stop.  I will post the Errors once I'm done running the one from the C Drive.  The one I Extracted to on the C Drive seemed to Update Correctly, but had one error/fail for some reason.

    The whole reason for me doing this was to see if it would run from a USB, but am happy to have it on my pc also.

  5. 1. Now I'm updating what I thought was Definitions.  It is going on forever.  The progression bar says it is working, but the Big Green Square, first Icon, Updater says it is "Installing" "last update 20min ago" "Software up to Date" what is going on here?  I can also see my USB is active, so something must be still working here right?  

    Could this really be the Definitions still Downloading or Installing?

  6. I'm a little confused now on how to use this tool.  I thought it's main function was to be run from a USB, but, it is an Executable,  so in my ignorance I installed it to my pc.  I guess my problem is not knowing the lingo, and not thinking an .exe is something that is Extracted, but installed.

    1. First off, did it really install files all over my pc, or did it just Extract itself to a Folder in my C: Drive, because that is where I see it.

    Now I'm trying to "Install" to the same folder I had the .exe in on the USB Drive, is this correct?  I don't get it, the documentation is really horrible on this little tool that you guys are proposing as so super?  Installation is still going quite slow, maybe due to the 2.0 USB I'm using?  I really like Emsisoft and reading all their articles, and I believe that you are a very good company, so don't let me down guys haha, thanks.

    2. Install done, I will give it a try, but will someone confirm for me if I am correct in "Installing", and I say Installing because it is an .exe, and not a zip or other archive type file.

    Thanks, I hope this is going to be a good experience but so far not for a noob like me.

  7. You make a good point, thanks for reminding me of this aspect!  I will use Emsisoft to see how well I get on with it.  I know it is a good product but am very wary of using Malware tools as they take a long time, then still end up with a damaged file system by malware anyhow.  I don't know well enough how to fix the broken file system other than the usual sfc and DISM.


  8. Thanks GT500, I'll test er out here soon.  If "run" is the assumed folder I got it.  I would think a bootable device would be better, that's what I've been testing, other bootable devices.  But I'm a novice so maybe I'm missing why this would be as good or better than a bootable device?  I can also see the advantage of running it from a USB, but what if one is not able to run a command prompt?


  9. I'm not following these directions as it seems they are for advanced users.

    - Open a command prompt window (Run: cmd.exe)
    - Switch to the drive of the USB Stick (e.g.: f:), then to the folder of the executable files (e.g.: cd run)
    - Run the scanner by typing: a2cmd.exe
    This is the part I don't understand:
    "then to the folder of the executable files (e.g.: cd run)"

    So I ask, what is "cd run" that's a horrible example, and certainly only good for the technically inclined.  They are saying the name of the folder containing EEK is called "run"?

    So "cd foldercontainingEEK", then type "a2cmd.exe"?

    Thanks in advance

  10. Alexstrasza

    Thank you very much! I see now, I just opened it, it's different than the installed version as I understand it.


    Just took a look at the pc in question and it has Spyware Clear on it for starters.  It is a friends computer and I would like to clean it up for him so that i can learn how to do this.  I'm not sure if this is the best tool to use.  It seems as though-this Malware leaves new additions in the Registry and that MBAM is the ticket.  Will EEK fix the registry also or should I continue on with this tool?  


    I appears that it can be uninstalled just in the Uninstall Programs Utility, or the same but in Safe Mode.  Would you like to help/comment on this for me?


    Should I be posting this in a different area at this point?  This is a very good site, hope to stick around!


    Thank you!

  11. Hey guys, I wanted to learn how to use this tool and wanted to ask a few questions.


    1. How long will the Full Scan take?

    I have been told like five hours I believe, and have read 50min-I suppose this is for a shorter scan.


    2. I looked for a tutorial but could not find a good one for EEK, perhaps the regular Help for the installed will be the same?



    3. And any other things a first time user should know.  I want to learn Malware Removal, because of health issues...I think it will be a good way to make a living.  I will be very interested in the paid version of this tool if I can learn how to do this well enough.


    4. I have a friends Windows 7 pc now that I want to scan, and one of my own that I could practice on-that is a fresh install.


    Thanks in advance!

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