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  1. I've heard that recently you've fixed the problem with high resource usage while using Behaviour Blocker with Chrome/Opera. I can't find my topic about that but I had such problem too when I was using EIS trial. Now I'd like to check how EIS works cause I'm considering a purchase... but I can't - my trial license expired. Is there any chance that I could get trial version once again?
  2. But honestly, it's a bit strange... does it mean that EIS has a problem with processing already installed applications? I've checked the newest developer version of the Opera and the problem still exists also on this build. Browser lags are terrible at times... It seems that BB uses a lot of resources. Well, I suppose that I have to look further for some good security suite EIS scans files really fast, but light real-time protection is even more important...
  3. No, of course I'm using only EIS now. KIS was uninstalled with kavremover. I'm using Opera 28 since I don;t lake what they have made with the UI... I know that I'll have to switch to something new in the nearest future. I didn't check other browser because I don;t use them, but I'll see how it works with the last Opera Developer... Cleaning a profile sounds like a bit strange solution...
  4. Hi, I've started to look for some new IS software because of some problems with Kaspersky and I've decided to check Emsisoft. I've seen that it has good test results and it's supposed to be very FAST. Well, I'm shocked what it has done with my browser - Opera. With Behavior Blocker enabled Opera works terribly! It starts longer, it opens websites significantly longer and e.g. when it loads new page in the background it has problem with highlighting the links on the currently opened site. Also extensions like Neater Bookmarks runs worse... Can I do something with it? Should I disable BB for the Opera? Actually, Opera is allowed to perform all actions but on the list it's still shown as "monitored"... Anyway, is it safe to allow the browser performing all actions? IN KIS application monitoring was always enabled and it doesn't slow down my browser or any other app...
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