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  1. Hmm, that's strange. I haven't had a problem since updating to the beta.
  2. I recently updated to the 5601 beta and it seems to have solved my problem. I no longer lose connection and everything works as it should when I wake my laptop from sleep. I read on Wilders that the latest update included some firewall fixes for Vista, so I'm assuming the update is what did the trick. Thanks for working on this. If I have anymore problems I'll let you know, but it appears to be working fine now.
  3. I found somewhat of a workaround. If I disconnect and reconnect to my network and then disable and re-enable the EIS firewall it essentially solves the problem. My connection remains stable and I can put the computer to sleep and wake it up again without the "Identifying Network" problem occurring. It's not exactly an ideal solution, but it does solve my problem.
  4. Yes, every time I wake my computer from sleep it happens. Unfortunately, I can't test what happens after hibernating because the laptop I'm using doesn't support hibernation.
  5. No, this problem only starts to occur after I wake my computer from sleeping.
  6. Okay. No problem. The issues we're having are very similar, though. It seems that when I first boot my laptop my connection remains stable. Windows doesn't try to identify the network and my connection doesn't drop. The problem really starts after waking my computer up from sleeping. Windows begins identifying the network seemingly at random and it's during the "Identifying Network" process that my connection drops. Resetting my network adapter fixes the problem until I put my computer to sleep again. The problem that I really have is that the EIS firewall now causes my connection to drop during the "Identifying Network" process. That wasn't the case before the 5532 update. I should mention that when I'm just using Windows' built in firewall my connection remains stable throughout the "Identifying" process. Once again, thanks for looking into this. If there's anymore information you need just let me know.
  7. Sent my "ipconfig /all" results via PM. Unfortunately, moving the DHCP rule has not resolved the problem. At least not for me.
  8. Yeah, I'm not sure why Windows needs to reidentify the network, it's not something that just started happening, though. The only thing that's changed recently is ever since the update the EIS firewall now blocks my internet connection while it's happening. When I was using the old build there were no conflicts with Emsisoft's firewall and the Windows "Identifying Network" process. I never would lose connection before so it didn't much matter whether Windows was identifying the network or not. Thanks for looking into this by the way.
  9. I tried uninstalling, rebooting several times and reinstalling. I'm able to use the EIS firewall with my network set to Public again, which is a small victory, however, I still lose connection everytime Windows starts "Identifying" the network.
  10. Before the latest update I had my network set to Public both in Windows and in EIS. Since the update I've had to switch both settings to Private.
  11. I'm using Windows Vista and I'm having the same problem. Before the latest update my network was set to Public and everything worked fine. After the 5532 update I now have to set my network to Private or else the EIS firewall will block my internet connection. Setting my network to Private allows me to connect, however, the problem with this is that whenever Windows starts "Identifying" the network it temporarily switches to Public and my connection drops. The connection comes back again after it's finished "Identifying", but it's still a major headache. This also causes me to lose connection after I wake my computer up from sleeping because windows will re-identify the network. I should mention that with the windows firewall turned on and the EIS firewall turned off I have no problem maintaining my internet connection. As usual, windows will still re-identify the network from time to time, but I won't lose connection while it's doing it. In short, whenever windows starts "Identifying" my network, Emsisoft's firewall causes my connection to drop. I seem to be having the same problem crasey is having.