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  1. There were 10, 3 showed as 0 KB and would not upload. The other 7 are attached. 072615-36629-01.dmp 072715-24804-01.dmp 072915-24195-01.dmp 072915-71588-01.dmp 080215-21871-01.dmp 080315-22152-01.dmp 080415-21652-01.dmp
  2. Followed those steps but computer continues to shut down on its own at least once a day. Anything else I should try?
  3. Thank you. Over the past few days my computer keeps shutting down & an Emsisoft notice popped up that there was an internal processing error & to contact support. I saved the notes from when it happened this morning and attached them here. shutdown.txt
  4. Sorry one more quick question. Secunia wants to update Microsoft core services to 6.0. I did that and package was in 4 parts. One part, msxml6_ia64.msi downloaded but when I click to install a windows pop up says the installation pkg is not supported by this processor type, contact product vendor.
  5. It hasn't happened again so I went ahead and followed the last set of instructions you gave. I am cancelling NAV and purchasing Emsisoft today, your service has been far superior.
  6. I believe just the system login screen. It was totally gray, no icons, just a text box to enter system password and the invalid message.
  7. When I got onto the computer this morning to follow the recent steps above, it had been restarted overnight (I believe due to Windows automatic updates) however the screen had a red X and said something to the effect of "This password is invalid or incomplete." I am curious if this is a problem and/or someone was trying to access the computer when it connected to the web to do updates. General ease of use of the computer/internet still seem back to normal. Just want to double check before I take the final steps above.
  8. Thank you so much, everything seems much improved. I truly appreciate your help.
  9. Thank you. FYI the moment I clicked on the FRST icon to scan today, Norton popped up & deleted it. Not sure why it did that today considering I downloaded it three days ago & have been using it just fine. I re-downloaded FRST, ran a scan, then hit Fix. Here are the two reports. FRSTscanFri.txt FixlogFriday.txt
  10. Here are the 2nd run EEK & FRST reports. Have only been online tonight a little bit to run these reports & upload here, but internet speed and ability to navigate and browse, etc seem significantly improved. No virus block notices every 1-2 minutes yet either. Please let me know if I should go ahead and let the EEK clean the two suspicious things it found in this report & if there are any other steps I should take. Many thanks. EmisoftScan2nd.txt FarbarAddition2ndReport.txt FRST2ndRun.txt
  11. Here are the three additional reports you requested. AdwCleanerS0.txt JRT.txt Fixlog.txt
  12. Ok figured out how to disable Norton & download FRST. Here are the two additional reports, please advise, many thanks. FRST.txt Farbar Addition.txt
  13. Have been getting repeated frequent notices from Norton Antivirus that it is blocking various things (eg. System Infected: Trojan Bedep Activity, Milicenso Trojan Activity 4, Web Attack Fake Scan Webpage 7, Angler Exploit Kit Website 6 & Malicious Redirection 6, etc) whenever I connect to the internet. Though it says blocked, computer performance is very abnormal and suspect something has gotten past NA. Have also been getting repeated pop up warnings from Norton that a suspicious amount of outgoing activity has been detected and requests to run Norton Power Eraser. I've run regular system scan and Power Eraser, both say computer is clean. However, internet use has become difficult, pages often freeze, unable to open another tab, extremely slow to load, etc. Also get warnings from Windows Action Center that Norton & Windows are disabled from blocking spyware and have to turn it back on. Worked with Norton Support online today and they cleaned temp files and rebooted Internet Explorer to original settings. Saw decreased attack notices for a short period of time but are back with frequency. I tried to download the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool but Norton keeps blocking and removing the download. How can I get around this so I can send you the two other reports that you request? If it involves disabling Norton (would need to know how if this is necessary), am afraid another attack will happen while connected to internet to download FRST. Thanks in advance for your time. Emsisoftscan_150713-182457.txt
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