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  1. That's a fair enough response. However, could someone explain this part of the Emsisoft Internet Security: Bonus: Online Banking Protection Keeps fraudsters away from your money by hardening your browser software.
  2. I have been "married" to Norton Internet Security since 1995 - back when you had to purchase the Antivirus and Firewall programs separately (and it still had the name Peter Norton on the box). But during this past year, I have been looking to make a change. My initial thought was to buy Bitdefender Internet Security, but after coming across the Emsisoft name on a YouTube video, I have been intrigued. The reviews and testing results of Emsisoft's Anti-malware and Anti-virus protection have been impressive. But it is the EIS firewall component I want to know more about. I cannot seem to find any reviews or testing results associated with the firewall. Can someone tell me how the EIS firewall compares to the Norton Security firewall that I have long trusted. What is similar and what is different? I have about 30 days remaining with my Norton subscription, so any information about the EIS firewall component that will help me make an informed Internet Security software decision is very much appreciated.