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  1. Oops. Looks like I mistakenly posted this in the wrong sub-forum. I was not using EEK, but am using EAM for this one.
  2. At the end of scan, several files were identified as threats. These files are useful, so I selected them all, right clicked, and then chose 'whitelist'. Q1. Is there any way to see my entire list of whitelisted files? Q2. Is there a way to remove a previously whitelisted file from the list if I change my mind about it later? Thanks d.b
  3. Thanks for the clarification. d.b
  4. Q1. What is the difference between licensing and not licensing the product? All it says is to license the product to get access to pro features. Q2. I have purchased the Pro version. Now how do I see / keep track of the number of cleanups I have done using the product? Thanks in advance d.b
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