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  1. Ah ha! Problems solved: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/12286-exclude-firefox-from-host-blocking/
  2. Update: After leaving the scanner to run for 24 hours, it did finally finish without throwing an error. The 0x0000###### errors stopped occuring once I temporarily disabled the Emsisoft protection, so I seem to have taught my client to quarantine something I need for my programs to run. I'll keep working on figuring that part out. As it stands, my Anti-Virus is doing its 100% scans now , but they take much longer than previously. Now that I'm looking back, I think its because I changed my scan level from Balanced to Thorough. So, I think I've got most of my problems solved. Hope this helps someone else who Googles this problem.
  3. I've had an interesting past 6 days with my computer. My current situation is that it won't finish scanning my computer. It will get to between 55% and 65% before getting caught in some figurative "mud." This is on full scan. Quick scan finishes just fine. Sequence of events to this point: - Noticed my CPU was frequently maxing out when idling. - Discovered that Emsisoft was failing to detect a couple Trojans that got onto my computer, evenually had to use a free AVG scan to get them noticed by Emsisoft Scans. - Just so happened to be cloning my HHD to an SSD about the time I noticed the Trojans, so I had them on my new HD and had to clean them off of it after the cloning. - After a few dozen scans by Emsisoft IS, the Emergency Kit, and free AVG, finally got all the malicious "Do-Hickies" out of the system (I think). - Uninstalled AVG - A bunch of programs started to fail to open due to a variety of 0x00000##### errors, so I had to do a wide variety of reinstalls of things like Firefox, Steam, and OneNote. - Now that the malware is purged, Emsisoft is brusied after the battle and needs fixing. I attempted to reinstall it too, but it is incapable of uninstalling due to the uninstaller freezing. Suggestions from here? My goal is to get Emsisoft to Scan 100% again.