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  1. I am a reseller of EAM through, Multivisions. I have a key that covers my own 10 machines. My main machine was a win 8 pro 64 bit machine recently upgraded to win10 pro 64. the problem is as it was before the upgrade, the license key changes to an expired key that is totally different than my current key. the solution is to uninstall it and reinstall EAM, then use my key and it will work for about 30 days then I get an error that It has expired and that I need to buy a new key. It will take me to the enter a key or use for a 30 day trial. When I put in the correct key it will work for a whil
  2. Ok so, I tried the delete the scheduled scan fix. and at that time rescheduled. it didn't work. I then deleted the schedule all together. Still popping up.In hindsite though I didn't reboot. All the logs were empty also. So I uninstalled and reinstalled it at the moment, and have not rescheduled a scan TY
  3. Yes!! That's exactly what I mean. Just got an email today from one that I fixed by reinstalling. It's happening again. I'll try this TY
  4. I had 5 customers call and complain, in the last 2 days, that the EAM console pops up every few minutes, My solution up to now has been to uninstall and reinstall What's up!!
  5. But my PC is not infected, Its a fresh windows install that EAM is not working correctly on. Thank you. The program will not remove the registry keys, which are probably the manufactures ad ware stuff. EAM will not finish and I have to kill it with the task manager to stop it.
  6. after reading other topics, I learned the included files would be helpful Thank You FRST.txt Addition.txt
  7. new install of EAM, on a Vista SP2 64 bit fresh install system. EAM has found 5 registry keys of AdInstall but hangs while deleting them. What can I look for
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