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  1. It's gone ! The file VSSVC.exe has finally gone. I think i've disinfected my pc now. The steps i remember used was : Firstly, i clean the junk using command cleanmgr in cmd Next, i check file system using command sfc /scannow in cmd. There was no error found. Lastly, i update windows defender, full scan with it, and finally windows defender detected and remove the VSSVC.exe without having a Bluescreen ! After reboot, i open the directory to check the file and it's gone of my view. To ensure, i scanned it using EEK (only at C:\Users\user\) and it didn't detect VSSVC.exe again.
  2. Due to the lack of time i had, today is the last holiday, tomorrow i'll back to school and maybe i won't have any time to fix this, and i need my laptop for studying. I will try the solutions from http://www.solvusoft.com/en/files/error-virus-removal/exe/windows/microsoft/msdn-disc-2439-8/vssvc-exe/ to fix this. Anyway, thanks for the help and the advice !
  3. Hi Tom, Thanks for the help ! I didn't post in another forums and i will follow your instruction. I think i didn't make any significant changes to my system after posting here. I remember that i only browsing the net and 'shred' a large file (unneeded, a rar archive contains a game file) with a file shredder. I have followed your instruction to set my system to show all files. And, about AdwCleaner, after the scan finished and i click clean, it warns me to close all programs and then clik 'ok'. After i click 'ok' button, suddenly i got a BlueScreen, once again. I ran AdwCleaner in my Download folder, not my desktop, is it ok ?(i didn't notice "onto your desktop"). "Windows was shutdown to prevent damage ..." i remember that message showed when the BlueScreen occured. I rebooted it in safe mode, rebooted again in normal mode. Then, i found the AdwCleaner logfile. I also attach the BlueScreen error report (copied to and saved by notepad). AdwCleanerR0.txt BlueScreen.txt
  4. Hi, i have ran my first 2 scan with EEK and another scan with FRST. At the first (full) scan with EEK, one of its result surprise me : C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\SystemCertificates\VSSVC.exe detected: Trojan.Injector.BMZ (B) I try to click Quarantine selected (with the other detection selected), and i got a BlueScreen. I think the other result wasn't the cause. My Laptop rebooted in safe mode, and i rebooted it again in normal mode. Then, I run the 2nd scan (only C:\Users\user\) with EEK and it detects VSSVC.exe again in the same location. This time, i click the "delete selected" (with the other detection selected), and i got a BlueScreen again. I googling for the file and found FRST, tried to scan with it once. I dont know what to do, is it safe to remove the file ? I attached the 2nd EEK scan log too. Any help would be appreciated. scan_150724-112148.txt scan_150724-123240.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
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