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  1. Will do, and thanks for providing the link to that thread. Have a fabulous day.
  2. Just to provide an update, web browsing on the laptop seems to be running smoothly and seemingly without issue again while EAM protection is enabled along with MBAE and HitmanPro Alert. A many thanks for hosting this forum (and for possibly fixing any errors in EAM.)
  3. As requested, I disabled both HitmanPro Alert and MBAE in MSConfig (sorry if I should have disabled them differently,) then restarted as you instructed via the double click on the start button (and so on...) At the moment, firefox seems to be running without issue, but I only have tried to access several websites in general. With that said, that is more than what I have been able to do in the past few hours. Just to note, before disabling them, my web browsing did seem to run with less issue while EAM protection was enabled, but there still seemed to be issue(s) when trying to access different websites.
  4. Much obliged for the quick response, GT500. I do not use COMODO firewall. I also read another thread on here in which the user mentioned that specific firewall and described a seemingly similar issue to mine. I use the windows firewall for windows 10. I also use small security utilities such as spyware blaster, winpatrol (paid,) cryptoprevent, hitman pro alert, and malwarebytes anti exploit, but emsisoft anti malware is the only real time anti malware/virus program that I use on this machine.
  5. A many thanks in advance to anyone, including EAM staff, who might read and/or reply to this thread. At some point last night, I noticed that Firefox was crashing, lagging and not running. So, I switched to Opera, then to Chrome with the same results. I began to think of troubleshooting possibilities. After some attempts, I decided to pause EAM's realtime security... my web browsers were running with no issue. When EAM protection is on, my web browsing is disrupted. When EAM protection is off, my web browsing is fine. Until last night, my laptop had no issues with EAM protection always on, using web browsers and so forth. Also, I can see in process explorer that the web browser (e.g. Opera, Chrome) do not close entirely after I close them when EAM protection is on. They are "hanging."
  6. I did happen to read that, but I wasn't sure about the specificity of the statement. Thank you very much for the clarification, stapp. EDIT: my question still remains if I can uncheck the beta updates or if I should still leave the box checked. Thanks as always in advance.
  7. After reading the latest post, I just thought that I'd reply because EAM had a system restart update last night. Upon my laptop finishing rebooting, an EAM window popped up to indicate that there was a changelog. I read it. It stated that there were several fixes for both beta updates and stable updates that addressed problems like the one in this thread. Additionally, if I read and understood the changelog correctly, it specified that if EAM installed and updated with the latest beta update, EAM could not be downgraded back to the stable update. If so, my question is if I can now uncheck beta updates from EAM or should I leave that checked still?
  8. A many thanks four double-checking for me. I apologize for not having researched that info before posting the logs. When I first viewed the entries in the log, I was thinking that it might be Cryptoprevent's enforcements, but I had never looked at an FRST log with Cryptoprevent present in the log and OS. Ah. Much obliged for the info. I was guessing that that was the case, but I just thought that I should ask to verify. Thank you for confirming and explaining. There have been no issues for me, including after that system restart update.
  9. Just to post in case the problems return and I have trouble posting, EAM just downloaded another update and is requiring a system restart. I still have beta updates enabled. I'll post after the update to confirm the status of my laptop. Edit: After installing the required system update and restarting my laptop, all seems well.
  10. Thank you very much for the helpful reply, GT500. In regards to the FRST logs, I suppose that I should have done research before making that statement about requesting a fix list. I found that most of those entries with the "attention" beside them are because of Cryptoprevent (no?) If so, that's a relief. I apologize for my noobishness. Ah, yes. Thanks a lot for clarifying. Do you happen to have an idea if the update will become a stable update and non-beta at some point? In other words, should I just leave the beta box checked for how ever long until there is a stable update issued to fix the problem?
  11. Thank you very much for the fix and the instructions on how to apply the fix, Fabian Wosar. I enabled the beta updates and attempted to restart my laptop, but it would not restart after the update was complete and needed a restart. I had to do a manual turn off/on to finally have the installed update applied. Thus far, the issues seem to be gone, but I will report if they return. I also glanced at my FRST logs and noticed that I could use a fix list if some Emsisoft Support member would be kind enough to provide one for me. I sincerely appreciate all of the help. EAM is a superb program that I have recommended to numerous friends. It is also great to find that the staff is so helpful and quick to reply. Thanks once again Edit: Do I need to leave the "beta" update selection checked (after the beta update installs?) I unchecked it after my I manually restarted my laptop and the system restart update was seemingly installed. Some time after, there was another system restart update, which caused the problems to return.
  12. thank you for the post and offering to help. It took me several reboots to open and run FRST and posting the logs. They are attached as requested. Thanks once again FRST (7.28.15).txt FRST Addition (7.28.15).txt
  13. Last night, I updated my windows updates. I usually wait several days to find out about possible issues with the updates. After not finding any (might be a careless error of mine,) I decided to install the windows updates last night. While in the process of downloading and installing the windows updates, Emsisoft Anti-Malware also installed an update that required a reboot because it contained updates for behavior blocker and other features for the program. Once my laptop restarted and booted back up, my laptop was barely functioning. My laptop continued to hang and stall. When I tried to open a program, a web browser, or whatever, it would not open. If it did open, when I closed it, the process would still be showing in process explorer as if it were still running. I tried manually terminating the process in process explorer, but it had no effect. Moreover, I could not run anything on my laptop after that point. If I tried to open something after that point, nothing would happen. My computer would be unresponsive. I had to manually turn off my laptop by pressing the button on the side. I am unsure what is causing the problem. It still persists. I can hardly use my laptop. I have done system restore several times, which seems to have fixed the issue each time; however, every time I do system restore, Emsisoft Anti-Malware updates with the one update that requires a system restart. Subsequently, my laptop reverts back to being hardly operable. I am now just leaving my laptop on because if the I restart/turn off my computer, the update will autoinstall and the problem will surface. Can anyone please assist me? Edit: I have turned my laptop off since I originally posted. As a result, EAM updated once again with the system restart update. Since then, my computer seems to be running fine, but when I open Chrome, Chrome starts to malfunction after a few minutes and/or will not close after I click out of it. After that, I cannot run any more processes or open any more windows. I am still guessing that there is an issue with the update maybe. I am probably going to use system restore once again to return to a point before the EAM update was installed to find out of Chrome functions without any problems. I currently using a system restore point that is before my latest updates from Tuesday, July 14th. Edit 2: I was trying to use my laptop after the EAM system restart update was installed/updated, but the same aforesaid symptoms resurfaced. I once again used system restore to a point before the EAM system restart update. Thus far, I do not have any problems, including using Chrome. I am thinking that it is becoming more evident that the problem somehow lies in the EAM system restart update or it causes the problem(s.) Again, my laptop stalls and is hardly operable after the EAM system restart update is installed. If someone could please help me, I would be most grateful.
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