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  1. I have to say that it actually works better. I am enjoying the change. Windows FW has come a long way. I didn't even have to add my special rules. As many of the admin already know from past conversations. I deal with hackers on a daily basis with games and let me tell you. They really hate me now.
  2. Sorry for getting getting back so late. I think I was just having one of those days.
  3. I think everything is okay. It just seemed like it was going down very quickly. I did find the proper receipt. It was on my old downloads folder before windows 10 updated again. Sorry for the confusion on my end. Take care.
  4. I'll just check my own records and get back to you in hopefully 12 hours or less. The purpose of my post was to hopefully change formats for the receipt so that it shows when a license is actually renewed instead of showing when the original license started because what's done is done as far as I'm concerned.
  5. I know it sounds a bit smug but I really don't like the way that licensing is handled. For the start of the license it shows when I started 2years ago. I really would rather it showed when my license was renewed in 2016 instead of showing how it started in 2015. The problem with this format is that you can literally short us on days unless we go digging for our credit receipts which most of us don't do. What has me up in arms? Well, I don't know if anyone else experienced this but here's an example. I wake up one day to check it and it says 88days and the next day it says 84 days and be
  6. For me this issue happened after the most recent large windows update. To fix ,I went to Windows Update settings and selected troubleshoot and then windows update. It will run and then ask you to run as administrator and then it will fix items like bits for instance and couple other problems. After it fixed the problems I was then able to shutdown very quickly. So I'm thinking it's when windows changes things and they don't always share that info so it ends up causing problems where people might blame Emsisoft for it. But rest assured it's usually 99% of the time Windows fault.
  7. The AMD FX 8350 is apparently 4 physical cores with two threads each making it like 8 cores. Straight up marketing gimmick of course. Although I'm not sure if the emsisoft software is geared for that correctly. It does show 8 processors but I know that's not true. I guess the other question is. When it shows 8 processors does it mean 8 physical or is it somehow accounting for the 8 threads?
  8. What is the reason that yesterday I had 33days and today I have 30days left? This isn't the only occurrence. Sometimes I've seen an entire week skipped. Anyone else notice this?
  9. This happens to me to. But on my end it's just random. Doesn't matter if it's an upgrade or not.
  10. Absolutely, it seems that it doesn't like dual ethernet cards because as soon as I disabled one of the ports it was shutting down just fine again. To duplicate the problem. First, I have an Intel Pro 1000/PT dual port server adapter. It was only $40 so I couldn't resist lol. It was shutting down fine until I started making custom application rules. With Emsisoft NDIS packet filter installed on both ports and in the Emsisoft firewall/managenetworks section itself, it was showing the 2nd port that was not being used but perhaps it didn't know when to stop communicating with it. So y
  11. Nevermind, I fixed it. I have a dual ethernet card and apparently since the drivers for emsisoft were also on the port that was not being used, it seems to have caused the shutdown issue. Perhaps something was looping because of that. So all of the stuff about ccleaner and even though I hate that program. It was not at fault, this time. I believe the problem occured when I started making custom application rules in emsisoft and since the filter is also installed on the other card which has no ethernet connected it was probably in what I would like to call, a conflagration. The loop, in my
  12. Scratch that, it's doing the same thing again. It started after I manually cleared the caches in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Didn't use any tool this time. Also, I did add some application rules today that I always add. Anyways, I'm going to do a refresh sometime in the near future. Not just for Emsisoft. But at one point I did have a moment of boredom about 5 months ago and used Spybot anti beacon and Spybot Search and destroy. SS and D modified my hosts file and I don't like that. Even though I changed it back to default I have to wonder what else it may have changed.
  13. Ok, it was not Emsisoft's fault. I made one of the dumbest mistakes and decided to use Ccleaner out of boredom on the 28th of June. Thankfully I created a system restore point right before pressing that idiotic button to delete registry files. That's one of the greatest things about windows 10. It will, unlike other OS's before it, restore the registry during the system restore operation. Ccleaner is something no one should be touching in this day and age. The bad thing is that it always has been terrible and something in my brain said hey, maybe they know how to differentiate the good an
  14. I'll have to get back with you on that. Currently I am not running emsisoft due to reinstalling it about 8 times yesterday out of desperation to see if it would fix it so I'm a little tired of messing with it and I do have things to attend to until Monday or Tuesday. At first I was thinking it might be my pfsense box causing it but I disabled squid and clam antivirus that comes with squid and still the same problem. I just wish that we could go back a couple upgrades when it was working fine. But, on Monday or Tuesday I will do the FRST stuff. Again thank you for replying.
  15. Already did that. Thought it was implied. Doesn't matter to me for now. Not using it and everything works properly again. I am actually waiting for someone that is an employee so If you would please leave my post alone. Thank you:) Reading my post again and quoting myself which I should never have to do. "I'm positive that it is Emsisoft Internet security causing it because without it my Windows 10 shuts down just fine." Got that? Thanks for trying to help though. Just perhaps read the entire post first before replying is my advice to you. There would be less collisions that way. Ta
  16. Windows 10 64-bit will not shutdown after the most recent update. I don't know what you guys did since the last update but tinkering around with something that was obviously working before just makes no sense to me. I'm positive that it is Emsisoft Internet security causing it because without it my Windows 10 shuts down just fine. I tested the default Emsisoft Security installation and it still does it with Emsisoft installed. It's almost time for me to renew my subscription but this situation has me questioning that now. Why should Emsisoft have anything to do with my computer shutting down o
  17. Thank goodness Christian. That's all I needed to know. I tell ya, Emsisoft is so good that I would never use anything else. I've been trying to get other people hooked on it. Thanks for the info.
  18. Hello, I've been troubleshooting a problem with the most recent version of Emsisoft Internet Security. As you can see what the title says. They close immediately. To test things out just to make sure what the culprit was, I uninstalled Emsisoft and just ran with Windows Defender at stock settings. The problem did not occur without Emsisoft. I did an install with Emsisoft and left everything at the default settings and sure enough, I couldn't open the Windows Store or Microsoft Edge. Strangely enough, this started happening yesterday evening and I've had this version of Emsisoft since it ca
  19. Sure I can try it again. Do I need to set up some logs?
  20. a2rules and nothing else. Maybe that's the problem? It was really strange when I went to the scan performance settings to find out all 4 cores were unchecked. I'm sure it was just something that I did. Seems to be fine now. Btw if they are unchecked does that mean the scanner no longer functions?
  21. I should've mentioned that I am using Microsoft Edge. It does seem a bit flakey to me so more than likely I will pick another browser. It was just more simple to have only one browser to deal with.
  22. Yesterday I wanted to uninstall Emsisoft Internet security and just reinstall with the new file on your site. The installation seemed to go well. It goes through the whole thing about enabling pup detections and then it says it wants to restart so I do that and then I come back and run a scan to get everything green and good to go. Then I import my application rules and go to change my scan performance settings to high like I always do but one thing I noticed is that all the boxes for my processors were unchecked. It may have been the imported application rules but it really doesn't make sense
  23. When going to this site, http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2620111-demarcus-cousins-throws-ball-at-chris-paul-in-clippers-vs-kings-game A file is automatically downloaded called adserveresl.js when I click on the video down towards the middle of the page. It's put in my downloaded files folder but it has 0KB so maybe it's nothing. It's still a little strange for that to download automatically and not be caught by Emsisoft.
  24. Yes, I do understand. I was just worried there might have been some hacky stuff going on with microsoft because I couldn't get those updates either until I typed that I was having a problem. I always wonder just how much key logging is going on with Windows 10. They seemed to make it more difficult to keep yourself private. Also the peer to peer windows updates. Yes, that was a bad idea in my humble tech opinion. Sure we can turn it off but who's to say there's not going to be a problem when everything does hit the fan and that a malicious person is able to use it maliciously in such a way tha
  25. Emsisoft Internet Security has not updated for 4 hours. I tried manually to no avail. Also, it may be linked to something else because I have Windows 10 updates trying to come in but they to will not download. Any ideas? Seems to be okay now. Thanks:)​
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