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  1. Thanks Frank, your reply was very helpful. Cheers! Raynor
  2. Could I get a quick reply on my two little questions please β˜ΊοΈπŸ€— By the way: I have noticed that workspaces cannot be deleted. I assume this feature will be added later? Thanks! Raynor
  3. I just started playing around with the new "My Emsisoft Cloud Console". My first experiences have been quite positive. πŸ™‚ Two little things that I would like to suggest for improvement: 1) I use only one policy for the whole network (i.e. workspace). This is why I delete all computer groups except "New Computers" (which cannot be deleted). I then set all required policy settings/options on the highest possible level, which is the "root" group called "Workspace". These settings are then of course inherited by the "New Computers" group (and possibly some other groups that I might add later). The problem is that whenever you re-visit the "Protection Policies" section by clicking in the navigation bar on the left hand side, the view defaults to the "New Computers" group. So if I'm not very careful, I'll change settings in this group instead of the root group "Workspace". It would be nice if the selection could default to "Workspace" whenever you re-visit the Protection Policies section. 2) Using the Enterprise Console, it was easy to see at a glance if the settings on some client PCs deviated from the original policy setting (the overview in EEC then shows a little round arrow next to the policy name in the "Computer Policy" column). In the cloud console, you must have a detailed look at the settings of each client PC to see if there is anything different to the original policy. It would be very helpful to be able to see policy vs. current client settings differences directly on the overview dashboard. (please bring back the round arrow πŸ˜‰) Furthermore, there are some minor cosmetic issues: - When clicking on the menu of the root protection group "Workspace", the menu item "Clone" is not greyed out. It is clickable, but (as expected) nothing happens. It should be greyed out like the rest of this group's menu items. - Some German translations don't fit into the UI (mostly on buttons) - When using browser zoom (I use 120% by default) some lines around some UI fields get cut off And two final questions: - I was wondering what the setting "Detect registry policy settings" in the Scanner Settings section does (see attached screenshot). -Why does my license vanish from the "Licenses --> Personal Licenses" section after assigning it to a workspace ? Is this by design? This seems confusing to me... What happens if I delete a workspace - will the license be returned to the "Personal Licenses" section? What about client PCs that are NOT associated with the workspace - will they have licensing problems (I don't want to add all my PCs to the workspace)? Thanks for the great job so far! Raynor
  4. 1) OK, nice 😁 PS What about a dedicated "cloud console beta" section in the forum πŸ˜‹ EDIT: Thanks for consolidating the various beta sub-forums into a more general "Beta Community" forum.
  5. Hi Frank, thanks for the quick reply. Overall this sounds like a good plan. 1) Any hint on how this might work (as there won't be a local, centrally installed proxy on a server anymore...) 2) OK, not a big problem IMHO πŸ˜€ I will definitely do some testing in the near future πŸ‘
  6. Ha! Thought so, thanks Suggestion: why not add this little bit of info to the explanatory text, that might save other users from having the same question/confusion.
  7. With the new cloud-based console ("My Emsisoft workspaces") in BETA, I was wondering what the future holds for the "classic" (i.e. locally installed) EEC. Having deployed EEC in my company, we might want to migrate to the cloud-based console at some point in the future, but certainly not before it has become utterly reliable and stable. For how long (rougly) is the classic EEC going to be supported in the future? Oh, and two additional question that have crossed my mind: 1) What about the local update caching proxy that is supplied by EEC? How is this feature going to be transferred to cloud-managed installations? Are you planning some kind of peer-to-peer update caching similar to the Delivery Optimization feature of Windows 10? 2) Is there going to be a way to import profiles from EEC to the cloud console (including perhaps automatically transferring locally managed clients to being cloud-managed)? That would ease the transition process quite considerably... Thanks! Raynor
  8. Quick Question: I just had a look around the "My Emsisoft" account settings and stumbled across the new option "Enable two-factor authentication" (see attached screenshot). I was wondering: What's the second factor ? How is this supposed to work exactly ? I would perhaps like to enable it, but I wouldn't want to risk locking myself if things go wrong... Thanks!
  9. I've been digging a bit into methods for securing PowerShell, and the following question has come to my mind: Does EAM use the new Windows 10 scanning interface called "AMSI" to scan PowerShell scripts for malicious code when they are executed ? For more info on what I'm talking about please refer to: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/poshchap/2015/10/16/security-focus-defending-powershell-with-the-anti-malware-scan-interface-amsi/ Judging from the following post it seems that this might be the case, but I'm looking for a definite confirmation. https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/29757-new-in-20187-improved-file-guard-performance/ Thanks :)
  10. Thanks for this confirmation Jonathan. I thought I was going crazy. @Emsisoft: Please let me kindly ask that the process of verifying the client certificates is reviewed with regard to EEC's/EAM's behaviour after upgrading to a new semi-annual Windows version. I would really appreciate if this issue could get squashed once and for all. Thanks ☺️
  11. Please also add a configuration option to Emsisoft Enterprise Console to allow supressing/disabling this prompt. I wouldn't want it to be shown to the users in the company I work for, as we use other means for malicious website protection. Thanks ☺️
  12. *Bump* Sorry for being so persistent πŸ˜€, but I find it hard to believe that we are the only ones suffering from this issue. Why ? because our Server 2016 is totally run-of-the-mill, nothing fancy, no special configuration at all. Just one server (fresh install, about one year ago), acting as Domain Controller for a bunch of workstations, and as a file server, and hosting the EEC. No additional firewalls/proxies/security appliances running in the network. As I said, no fancy stuff πŸ˜† Please let me reiterate my question: If the "Server certificate verification" fails according to the EAM log on the clients after upgrading Windows to a newer semi-annual build, something on the clients must have changed in a way that the certificate is no longer valid. I don't think that the server could be the culprit, as nothing whatsoever has changed on the server side. Again, any help would be greatly appreciated, as the current situation is quite unsatisfactory. Thanks Raynor
  13. Uh, any plans / ETA for a fix ? Speedy updates after the computer starts are very important IMHO... You know, people tend to start checking their emails right after startup, opening all kinds of attachments with viruses in them πŸ˜‹ Thanks πŸ€—
  14. We have just started upgrading a few clients from v1803 to v1809 for testing purposes. At the moment they are running EAM 2018.8.1 (delayed feed). Our Server 2016 is running the latest EEC version. The issue still persists. Clients are losing connectionto EEC after upgrading to v1809. Manually reconnecting the clients from the EAM User Interface is necessary and works flawlessly and instantly... The EAM Logs say: Connection with Emsisoft Enterprise Console SERVERNAME:8082 failed. 276: Server certificate verification failed. Connection aborted. Any insights ? What could cause the certificate verification to fail ? We really need to get this fixed, we can't run around manually reconnecting each and every client from now until forever πŸ˜ͺ Thanks! Raynor
  15. Thanks for the info. According to the reports 2018.8 should still be fine