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  1. I have just enabled Memory Integrity on both of my home PCs, and can confirm that EAM now works well with this feature enabled. Please keep it this way. πŸ˜‰ Compatibility with this feature has become a basic necessity anyway, as brand-new PCs from big hardware manufacturers tend to come with this feature enabled by default when Windows comes pre-installed. Back in 2018, when I first tried enabling Memory Integrity, EAM was indeed incompatible and caused a big fat BSoD on each reboot after enabling the feature (i.e. Windows was rendered unbootable). This is no longer the case. Thank
  2. Works great and makes working with the console quite a bit more efficient. Thanks a lot! ☺️
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. We'll stay on 2020.07 for the time being.
  4. Yesterday I wanted to switch our company network's EAM update feed from the stable feed (2020.07) back to the delayed feed (2020.05) using the policy settings in ECC. After the switch, the clients correctly switched back from 2020.07 to 2020.05. But the connection to ECC was immediately lost on al 2020.05 clients, with the remote management GUI section in settings showing "connection to ECC lost" and a reconnection timer. Waiting through several reconnection attempts did not help, neither did a reboot or triggering subsequent manual updates. I then tried switching ECC back to the s
  5. I'm also seeing the WSC tray icon yellow exclamation mark issue on some of our company PCs with EAM 2020.06. The message in WSC is the same message marko got (see marco's screenshot above): "Cloud-delivered protection is off. Your device may be vulnurable." This issue is definitely new and connected to the 2020.06 update.
  6. A little feature request: It would be nice if the cloud console remembered the sorting order of its list view as well as the number of devices displayed per screen (25, 50 or 100) that was last chosen by the user. πŸ™‚ Best regards Raynor
  7. According to Frank, the read-only permission issue has been reproduced and fixed. The fix will be available in EAM 2020.5. Thanks again for the support! This concludes our successful migration to ECC as this was the only remaining issue in our migration path. 😁
  8. OK, so that clears that up. Nearly all of our domain PC users are regular users with "normal" (i.e. limited) user permissions, so it comes as no surprise that the permissions section vanished from those PCs. On my own work PC, I'm an admin (my domain user has been manually added to the LOCAL admins group), and I can correctly see the permissions panel on my PC. Well, I believe we clicked on "update now" on several clients, in fact, I'm about 90% sure, but I can't really say that with 100% confidence... The read-only permission policies were not applied to any
  9. Another interesting observation that might help to track down the bug mentioned above: I tried changing the permission policies with my private home MyEmsisoft account, and with my home workspace, changing the permission levels works as expected. So something must be different with our company's workspace or with our company's client PCs. As we uninstalled and re-installed EAM on all company PCs, i find it hard to imagine that something is wrong on the PCs themselves (but who knows for sure). What's funny and strange at the same time: After re-installing EAM on the company
  10. OK, thanks. Then I'll create an additional ECC account for my co-admin so that he can also use an authenticator app on his own phone.
  11. Well, It turns out the migration did not work out completely stress-free after all 😐 What we did: A few days ago, I moved my own work PC to a new workspace using the webinstaller provided by the cloud console. As indicated by Frank above, this moved my PC to the cloud console workspace and assigned a trial licence. So far, so good - the test went well. Today, we migrated all our company's work PCs from the old local enterprise console (EEC) to the cloud console (ECC). This is what we did and the hurdles and issues we ran into: 1) First, we assigned our real license ke
  12. Argh, how can I add another authenticator app instance for the same console account? I added both my iPad and my iPhone (using the Microsoft Authenticator app) a few days ago (as I said above, I was going to do that πŸ˜€). Today at work, we tried to add a third authenticator app instance for our cloud console account on my co-admin's iPhone. We did not find a way to do so. In the console account settings there is only the button "Disable Authenticator" and can't find a way to have another QR code displayed. How the heck did I add my two devices in the first place - I can't quite
  13. Actually, no πŸ™ƒ None of yesterday's codes (4 attempts) has been reveived so far. I just tried again for the fifth time, and today the code arrived within seconds, so I was just able to login correctly. I will definitely setup an OTP-App as backup straight away 😊
  14. Just tried again for the fourth time, no luck. The email address used for My Emsisioft works fine for other external emails, I just tried sending some test emails to it from other external addresses. All my test mails arrived within seconds, so the address itself is in fine working order.
  15. Today I am again having problems receiving security codes. I just tried three times, no code received 😒 Are there any knows issues right now?
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