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  1. When Beta Updates are turned on, stable updates will still be installed if they are newer than the latest beta version. Once the fix is included in a stable version you can simply disable Beta Updates if you don't want to continue to receive them, and no further action should be required.


    Thank you for clarifying that.


    This could be your Internet Service Provider's IP address. You may want to check this list and see if you can find some information about the specific IP address you saw.


    Thanks for your reply. After doing a bit of more research, I have come to the conclusion hat this is indeed an auto-assigned link-local IP address

    (for those interested: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Link-local_address).It is not assigned at every Windows startup (i.e. it often is not

    listed in the firewall's private network IP settings), so I figure that it only gets assigned whenever something goes wrong with the DHCP :P

  2. If using the beta, will it require uninstall, when, it out of beta, or will the update correct from beta to non beta?


    I have the same question :)

    Right now, I have the beta installed, and everything seems to be running very smoothly. Good job Emsisoft developers!


    On a side note: while browsing through all the firewall submenus to ensure that everything looks and behaves as it should

    I noted that a 169.245.X.X IP address gets added to my private network (in addition to the expected 192.168.X.X address).

    Is this safe ? A quick google search seems to indicate that this is a "link local" IP-adress that can somehow be assigned

    during (or before) the DHCP autoconfiguration process.


    So is my assumption correct that this is no bug or reason for concern and that this IP is indeed a "harmless" part of my local network ?


    Thanks in advance!

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