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  1. Hi! Yes, I've done that in safe mode because Kevin told me to.
  2. Hello! I tried doing it two times, but in every time, in the middle of the fix 1/15 my laptop shuts down. What do I do about this?
  3. Just a curious, do I need to backup my files before doing this?
  4. Sometimes yes, sometimes, it crashes again. And when I turn it on again it prompts me to do a system restore.
  5. Um,I have a question, earlier yesterday, after my session crashed, I attempt to run my laptop so I could continue my session. During my attempt, after the windows logo flash, the system in't seem to work for it only shows black screen. I experienced this several times, the I noticed, once, it prompted me to choose to run in normal mode or in safe mode. I chose safe mode, then the system seemed to run because it ran during that mode. Then I shut it down, and hoped to run in the normal mode but it didn't. So, I tried the f2 then f8 mode. Its I ran the diagnostic and asked me to system restore.
  6. I now only use the free version, the trial has expired. Anyway, I did three scans. Quick, malware, and custom scans. Here are the logs. scan_150903-181236.txt scan_150903-174315.txt scan_150903-173519.txt
  7. it said that the specific driver does not exist as an installed service.
  8. Is this it? It's dated 8/21/15 082115-67158-01.dmp
  9. Also, I experience crashes when in an internet session.
  10. Every time I click a windows folder, it doesn't open in the same window even if in the folder and search options, the setting is open in the same window is clicked. Sometimes, when I update through windows update, when prompted to restart, it doesn't restart, instead, it crashes. Also, I experience crashes when in an internet session. Here are the logs. scan_150828-061510.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  11. Hello! Here are the logs. AdwCleanerC31.txt JRT.txt
  12. Do I need to backup my files before doing this?
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