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  1. I downloaded and ran the RogueKiller program and I've also got the log, but I am now using my own computer to type this response. The reason is that the Emsisoft trial period ended on the computer we were working on and the pop ups have gotten very bad again. So before I go any further on that computer I need to get the computer secured again. I am sorry, but I will need a day or two to get the owner of the computer to get the paid version, which he has planned on doing anyway. Thank you for your patience. I will post the log from RogueKiller as soon as possible.
  2. I am still having the same issue with many random pop ups and the Windows updates failing, although I would be happy to just get the pop up issue fixed and worry about the updates later. I can probably do a little research myself to look into why the updates may be failing on this computer. Anyway, here are the logs you requested. EEK scan 6.txt FRST.txt
  3. I followed your directions and when I typed the two lines ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew it said something about "no operation can be performed on Local Area Connection while it has its media disconnected." Also, I needed to enter the "netsh..." lines as the administrator which I did (just restarted Command Prompt as Administrator). I also ran the FRST fix again with your fixlist.txt and I will attach the log to this reply. This computer was NOT my computer thankfully, nor would it have been since it was SO infected and I do thank you again for taking the time to help me through thi
  4. I have been hopeful that we are close to getting this computer totally cleaned up and I think we are, but there were still a couple of pop ups just while I was typing this post that came up and one was even deemed a bad website by the Adguard browser extension that this computer is using. Sometimes the cursor still randomly turns into a hand-pointer type cursor and if I click anywhere at all with that cursor a suspicious pop up will still happen. So I believe there to still be some issues, but it IS better than before. The computer is starting to run more smoothly, I think. However, like I sai
  5. Here are the log files that you requested. JRT.txt AdwCleaner Cleanup.txt
  6. It appears that this computer is close to being cleaned up now, though I did get a random pop up while using this forum (something called fix25??). If Emsisoft does not create browser pop ups than there is still a little bug somewhere in this system. However, like I said, for the most part this computer seems to be running just fine now (although Windows updates still keep failing - I don't know if this is necessarily a virus issue). I know you may want to try maybe one more fix from FRST just to be sure. Thanks again. edit: yes, it appears that I am still getting random advertising pop up
  7. Here is the latest fixlog you asked for. It is from yesterday so I hope that doesn't affect anything. Thanks for your patience. Fixlog.txt
  8. As far as the pop ups are concerned, I am not sure how to describe them. It is not like a usual pop up that occurs every so often whenever you visit certain websites. I use Emsisoft Anti-Malware on my own system that is perfectly clean and I never experience the kind of pop ups that this computer has. These pop ups seem to randomly happen whenever I move the cursor around. It's happened four times just in the time I have been typing this response and I have no other software intentionally running that I know of. For example, sometimes when I move my cursor to a part of the text in this respons
  9. Hello again. I apologize for pasting the log directly to the post, I was having issues posting it as an attachment. This computer that we are dealing with is still having issues, but I'll see if I can post correctly this time without duplicate posts and attachment issues. This computer seems to be running better, without as many slow downs due to the several issues it had before. However, there are at least three issues that are still going on that I can see, plus it still doesn't seem to be running quite as smoothly as it's hardware would indicate it should. First, the Windows updates are
  10. I seem to be having issues posting right now. I will check back at another time. When I click "add reply" I get a blank page and then it asks me to "resend" the page which is where I think the duplicate messages came from. I cannot seem to add the attachment so I will try to copy it straight to this post. Let's try again.... Fix result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (x86) Version:13-08-2015 Ran by kennys (2015-08-14 16:43:00) Run:1 Running from C:\Users\kennys\Desktop Loaded Profiles: kennys (Available Profiles: kennys) Boot Mode: Normal ============================================== fi
  11. Here is the Fixlog.txt file that you requested. I did not mean to submit multiple replies. Is there a way to delete them? Hopefully the attachment is showing.
  12. Hello. I am typing this from the computer that is infected. My brother had asked me if I could take a look at his computer and after going through it and using several programs to help diagnose and fix his computer I found that it was full of all sorts of unwanted programs and viruses. It looks like they were mainly from bad downloads and my brother doesn't seem to be able to say where they could have come from. I am a new user of Emsisoft's anti-malware software myself and I very much like it so far. So without going to this forum my first step already was to plug in my flash drive that h
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