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  1. Hi catprincess, thanks for your reply. I couldn't see anything else going on - eventually I tried uninstalling the belkin software entirely but it made no difference. So as a last resort I uninstalled Online Armor and reinstalled it again, and that seems to have fixed the problem - oasrv.exe is now averaging around 5-10% CPU power. Hopefully things will stay that way! Maybe should have tried that before I posted, but thanks for your help anyway. Kind Regards, RJ
  2. Hi, After having used OA for several years without problems, it is now crippling my computer. Oasrv.exe is consuming nearly all available CPU power. It never used to do this - not sure exactly when it started, perhaps several weeks ago. Recently installed a new wireless Belkin USB + software: may be related. Tried turning off the Belkin software but no difference. Tried disabling pretty much every service I could, but no difference there either. I am running ++ paid version on windows XP home. Would appreciate any advice to get this rectified - this is my main work computer when I work from home. What do I need to post to help diagnose the problem? Kind Regards, RJ