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  1. Dear Sir, I was hoping to receive a reply from you to my msg copied below but as I have not, I would like to add that every 30-45 mins I keep getting the same warning : "A computer restart is required to update the core component of Emsisoft Internet Security" If I obey the instruction, and restart my laptop, I am again having a red star on the task bar icon, and a "limited connectivity" message, so I I cannot connect to the internet. Will you please advise. By the way, I thought I had uninstalled the Emsisoft Internet Security program but I find it is once again installed!! SO I went to the Control panel to remove it, and when I clicked UNINSTALL, I got a msg: Error Messages file "C:\Program files (x86)\Emsisoft Internet Security\unins000.msg"is missing. Please correct the problem or obtain a new copy of the program. I need you to give me support asap. Neither is the EIS program working properly nor can I uninstall it completely. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just on 16 Aug I updated my Emsisoft program to the latest version. I also noticed that the Firewall was noy ON, so I changed that in 'Settings' Ever since that time I am having serious problems connecting to the internet. The icon in my Task Bar indicates a red star with details "limited connectivity". In fact no email or browser can connect to the internet. Initially I did not realize nor expect that the problem was with the update so I uninstalled and reinstalled the LAN Driver for my Toshiba Satellite running Windows 7 Ultimate. That also had no effect. So I restored my laptop to an earlier restore point and the internet was OK. After I restarted the machine, I got a msg: "A computer restart is required to update the core component of Emsisoft Internet Security" When I restarted it again I got stuck with "limited connectivity" After some time my computer was shut down. When I restarted it I got a msg: "Emsisoft Protection A major problem has prevented the application from starting. Emsisoft Security cannot connect to the service application. Please restart your computer and try again or contact Support if the problem persists" Finally, I had to completely uninstall the Emsisoft Internet Security but still I was getting 'limited connectivity' So I again RESTORED the computer to an earlier RESTORE point. Now it is allowing me to connect to the internet, but my Emsisift Internet Security is UNINSTALLED. Please help.