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  1. Told my Emsisoft I had an infection. Referred me here Ran EEK and FRST. Txt Files attached. Forgot at upload all files in previous post. Here they are. Addition.txt EEK scan_151210-114839 12.10-2015.txt FRST.txt
  2. That fixed it. The program looks great and runs very well. Thank you.
  3. Yes. I restarted my PC after every un-install before trying to re-install. Latest re-install shows same error screen in file attached above.
  4. I purchased, downloaded and tried to install Emsisoft Anti-Malware. After installation "completed" I got an error screen stating " Emsisoft Anti-Malware cannot protect your computer. a computer resource problem prevents Anti-Malware from loading external protection components. Please contact support to resolve the issue." I was able to start the program, enter my license. Then there a large message in the upper right corner of the program page saying YOUR COMPUTER IS NOT PROTECTED. I contacted Support....no Reply in first 24 hours. The Program will scan my PC. See attached file for s
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