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  1. Do you know when that will happen because so far it hasn't updated to 12 even though I continue to get updates?
  2. Well, let's just say programs won't run properly with version 12 running and now that I have reinstalled version 11, all are playing nicely together again.
  3. Due to too many compatibility issues with so many of my programs (not just security software), I'm going to have to pass on this update until it has been further 'beta' tested by others.
  4. It looks like the newer version of the download that was released yesterday fixed the issue, but now when I try to adjust settings in behavior blocker, my computer freezes and I have to restart. This happened twice. I will send you the log file.
  5. So, does version 12 require a certain Windows service that version 11 does not?
  6. Diagnostic log with current version 11 installed or install 12 and then submit log?
  7. Getting waiting for service to load and IS won't start. Tried uninstalling, reseting, emsicleaning, etc. Reverting back to 11 works for me. In the two years I have used IS, I think Emsisoft is quick to roll out updates and new versions without fully testing beforehand. I can't tell you how many issues I have had with restarting my computer after updates. Clicking that restart button has always been a technical nightmare and I make sure I have enough time set aside to fix things before doing an update. Updates are important for security software, but I can't trust them unfortunately. I may have to end up trying another suite (begins with N) that I used before EIS in which I had no problems.
  8. No, I don't get to the Windows logo screen. I go through bios and then both of my monitors shut off.
  9. I get a message from Emsisoft to restart my computer after it updated. When I do so, when Windows should start, all that shows is a blank black screen.
  10. Is anyone else having issues with the computer not booting after update? I have been keeping my computer running 24/7 to avoid this but as soon as I restart it, it will not boot. I have to do a system restore but as soon as Emsisoft updates and recommends a restart, it will not boot. So, as a fix, if I have to reboot, I do a system restore each time. Windows 7 64-bit
  11. Since I had issues with the recent update knocking me off the internet, I restored with a current backup that had the pre-update version of Emsisoft. I immediately unticked the automatic update option and found out that it was updated anyway. Does this option to turn off automatic updates even work?