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  1. Hello Frank, if I turn off all protection components on the Overview tab, the Fix now link/button will appear, I click on it and all components are turned back on. By repeating this action few times a message box "The computer needs to be restarted to finish the issue resolving process. Protection is limited in the meantime. Do you want to restart your computer now?" will show up, but I will not go for the restart. After that the Fix now link/button is still visible, but when clicked on it does nothing and all components remain turned off. Is that intended? The "no action after clicking" I mean. Martin
  2. The Synology Cloud Station Drive has (for some reason). I use Synology Cloud Station Drive to sync files to my NAS. But because I don't use it all the time, I have the sync paused and the NAS is turned off. Like this, the Synology service is using less than 1% CPU. After turning the Network lockdown on, Synology service starts to freak out and uses about 18% CPU. Turning the lockdown off does not help, I have to shut down the Synology service.
  3. Hi Frank, what programs are used for accessibility testing (Jaws, NVDA)? Thank you.
  4. Hello Frank, I have Chrome installed and the notification came up few seconds after Chrome started. Extension installed successfully. I also have Firefox, but the portable version. I did several Firefox restarts, but no notification yet. I have the latest version 64.0. Is there any difference if it is portable or standard installation?
  5. Hello, the Terms of Service link in the new Log in to MyEmsisoft window leads nowhere. The window will get empty by clicking on that link.
  6. Hello Frank, are there any plans to make the UI more accessible for people with disabilities? As for now, if you use the Tab key, there is no visual indication where you are or what is selected. Also there are only three or four items that can be selected with the Tab key, but you still don't know what is selected. I do not use screenreader so I can't tell if it would read any of those few selecteble items.
  7. Hi onbox, the Spanish translation is not maintained by Emsisoft (if I am not mistaken), so it might be better to contact the author directly. If you go to "C:\Program Files\Emsisoft Anti-Malware\Languages\" and open the es-es.lng in Notepad, you will find the author's email address at the top of the file in [languageinfo] section. You can then email him/her the update. Sorry for not posting the email address directly here, but I don't want to violate any privacy rules.
  8. Those are recently changed strings and you just have to wait for the author of the translation to update the language file. If it is made in-house, it should be updated soon with other languages. You can also check the current state of the translation here http://tasks.emsisoft.com/a2/translationstats/default.aspx?lng=es-es.lng
  9. I think the 8910 beta 4 became a 8910 Stable version (if you switch update feed to Stable, the version won't change).
  10. Thank you stapp! I did not check the error code from your post before posting, sorry. Should I delete it?
  11. Hello, after updating to 8906 beta 3, I clicked on "Custom scan" in "Scan & Clean" tab and got an error as you can see on the image. I sent a report and logs are included here. The issue was resolved after going to Custom scan via the standard menus. Also tried going to build 8843 stable and back to 8906 beta 3 again. Same results. After going back to 8943 stable, the UI got resized and covered almost whole screen (1920x1080). After updating to 8906 beta 3 the UI got much smaller and I had to resize it to see all tabs. Also it is pretty hard (at least for me) to grab the corners of the UI to resize it. Martin Edit: Sorry fot the language on the image, I am unable to make it speak english. Logs.zip
  12. Thank you Frank, got one more for you When you click the About link in the lower right corner of the Overview screen. In my case the Remote management will be underlined. Loading data into the grid affects the whole UI. For example, go to Logs and filter the records by typing something into the Search bar, then delete it, go straight to the Overview screen and move your mouse over the green and blue tabs back and forth. You will see that the hover state (color change) will be very slow. I also have a suggestion, when filtering records in any grid (Logs, BB, ...) by typing something into the Search bar, you have to then delete what you typed to show all records back again. Would be nice to have some sort of "Clear filter" button or just an "X" symbol at the end of the search bar.
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