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  1. UI scaling

    Hi Frank, thank you. I have a Lenovo Ideapad laptop and I'm sure it was set to 125% by default since initial start. Windows also tells me that 125% is a recommended value. Anyway, it is not a big issue. Have a nice day. Martin
  2. UI scaling

    Hello, I'm on Windows 10 Home, EEC 2017.9.1.3212 installed. There is a feature in Windows to change the size of text, apps and other stuff under Display Settings. By default it is set to 125% (at least on my PC). Before I log into EEC, UI is scaled according to the display settings in Windows (first screenshot). After I log in, UI is scaled down to 100% and some of it is cropped out (second screenshot). Then if I go to Policies and click on the word Organization, UI will scale back up to 125% (third screenshot). Same thing will for example happend by double-clicking on the license number (in Settings - Licenses) which creates a view in Clients tab (fourth screenshot). There are no problems when the Windows scaling function is set to 100%. Martin
  3. CLOSED Connection from EAM to EEC

    Perfect! Connecting works again both ways and all buttons are back after disconnection. Problem solved. Thank you.
  4. I have two computers: Win 7 Ultimate 32bit EAM 2017.9.0.8006 installed, recently auto-updated from EIS. Connecting/disconnecting/reconnecting with EEC works without problems. Win 10 Home 64bit: EAM 2017.9.0.8006 and EEC 2017.9.0.3206 installed. Here I am unable to establish connection in both ways. Not sure what happend, but I was able to connect from EEC to EAM through the Create package option yesterday. The EEC log shows "Emsisoft Anti-Malware disconnected. Code: 700. Description: System error: client certificate verification failed. Connection aborted." and if I click the "Disconnect" button in EAM, the interface is bugged and non of the green license buttons (Show license key, Extend license ...) are displayed. I did complete removal of EEC and EAM (also by using EmsiClean) and new installation (in trial and licensed mode), but nothing changed. Not sure which EAM logs should I send, but EEC log is included.
  5. CLOSED Build 8006 on EAM

    Good thinking, thank you Frank.
  6. CLOSED Build 8006 on EAM

    Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit and Windows 10 Home 64bit No problems with auto-update from EIS 2017.9.0.7985 to EAM 2017.9.0.8006. Application restart was very fast. Only the folder name in Program files stil remains as Emsisoft Internet Security. For this to change I would have to do manual uninstall/reinstall, right?
  7. CLOSED Forensic logs 7797

    Got another one small bug in the grid in Forensics Log. My Surf Protection default action is set to Block and notify. There are no problems in detailed view.
  8. CLOSED Forensic logs 7797

    Hello, just a small thing. In Forensics Log > View details > The window is resizable and has no minimum width or height value set. Martin
  9. Updated to about hour ago and it seems to be fine again. Thank you. Best regards, Martin
  10. Hi, I have the same problem. All connections are allowed, but the alert keeps poping up. I have EIS, beta updates on. Here are my hashes for svchost.exe: MD5: 54A47F6B5E09A77E61649109C6A08866 SHA-1: 4AF001B3C3816B860660CF2DE2C0FD3C1DFB4878 Best regards, Martin