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  1. Dvdfab The site itself is clean The installation is fine. It was only when tried to update it to most recent version Since started use EMSI its the only time Behavior Blocker came up Before grant Allow fully for updates rather make sure since i have suspicion a free trial for another program gave me a ransomware Good to know if I'm dealing with an unethical business or not. Thanks to EMSI I have this info to be able to decide Before reformat did do updates with this program in past with no real issues but that was pre EMSI days And now suggests updates might be possible spyware so try
  2. After reinstalling a program paid for when went to update it to newest version EMSI notified that program wanted to access direct disk. Is there ever any real reason a program when updating needs to do this or is this sign of a potential untrustworthy product? Under Behavior Blocker Log it says Behavior.DirectDiskAccess and Behavior CodeInjector and Behavior Spyware Is this an attempt to install a malicious file?
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