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  1. okay... i scanned using AVAST4.8 and found the same file along with something, gsl.dll, in a profile folder of firefox. not sure what it is or if it's removable, but who cares if it is secondary to this i guess. would you say that my only option is to reformat the HD, and if so could you please direct me to a good set of instructions on doing it the right way? i do not want to back up my files and unwittingly backup some malware to reinfect my machine. thanks a lot for helping out.
  2. just as bad as ever. typing takes a million years for the screen to catch up with the keys. the copmuter just runs like crap, real slow. firefox freezes a lot. i ran asquared again. i quarantined the trojan file but that hasn't helped. i guess some windows files are damaged? for some reason there is no report, maybe i didn't save it or something, but there is the 'report' of the quarantine, which i cannot upload. it is the file c:\system volume information\_restore{B2EA3A96-529E-4F28-B8D7-91F00C1127D0}\RP521\A0117431.exe thanks for your help
  3. my keyboard was not working!!!! funny tho that it works now. it still takes 20 times as long to type. there was no otl log. please advise.
  4. no OTL logs th5s t50e! i can't ty*e anyth5ng! *3ease he3*
  5. COOL sounds like we're getting somewhere. still runs really badly tho. thanks
  6. not sure what are the log files so i posted all suspected ones. computer is running just as bad. housemate interfered with the scan and deleted a bunch of stuff despite the note i left, not exactly sure what it was, but these scans were all recent, after combofix was run. thx
  7. when you say "log file" do you mean "report?" because i can't find any log files from running asquared. anyways, deep scan done, please help, thx
  8. i ran aquared after updating it and not much was different, here is what is is saying after it runs the scan and then click to quarnatine them objects: 'cannot delete xxxx' etc. error message style. here is the log from the iseeyouxp thx
  9. bobcat dude, maybe you should read what i wrote: i can't post any log files, because i am getting an error message when i try to upload the file a-squared.db3 from the log folder in the a-squared folder of c:/program files. are there log files saved to another folder? the report is the only thing the program even says when it runs ('report saved,' etc.). the program was run when the computer was booted into 'debugging mode' now that i remember it, and not safe mode. here is the win32diag report. thanks man
  10. Here we go, the report. the log i tried uploading but got this message, Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file." basically i ran the scan in safe mode, without having read the 'how to,' of course. i deleted a bunch of stuff that was 'low risk,' but then some of it wouldn't allow to be deleted, nor quarantined, so...whaddoido? maybe the scan wasn't in safe mode actually, i can't remember. there was one 'high risk' file that my friend deleted without noting it, maybe it's on the report. it's hard to type on my very slow inhibited computer, sorry for my austerity. thank you all for your help happy halloween!
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