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  1. Hi Kevin, done and done. Thanks much for all your help. Christian
  2. Hi Kevin, I hope you had a beauty long weekend. I want to say thanks for all you help through this. Support has been very good!. I ran those commands in command prompt. Re-ran the scans with EEK and FRST. EEK found something, 2 files and I quarantined them. So far the system appears to be running much better, and not with any of the annoying traits from before! I am not sure what the attached reports will tell you, so any light you can shed on that would be appreciated. Much thanks Christian Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_150907-092835.txt
  3. Hi Kevin, I ran another scan with a competitive product in Malwarebytes this morning just to see if there was anything and I ran hitman pro as well. The Malware scan did find the dnsunlocker and quarantined the file. I have attached both the logs from hitman and malwarebytes so you can see the locations where they hang out, that may help make it better to remove the code. Can I get a script to run on FRST to make sure the registry edits are not just quarantined but properly removed? So far the computer is running much better this am, but I would like to make sure this is eradi
  4. Good Morning. I thought that for kicks I would run a new FRST scan. Attached are the results. Best, Christian FRST.txt
  5. Hi Kevin, I ran the FRST, here is the fix log. This baby is still hanging on. I had to refresh the emsisoft support page 6 times before I could get to this thread to reply. Best, Christian Fixlog.txt
  6. Hi Kevin, Here are the attached files after running both Scans. JRT shows nothings. ADW did a few things, but I still have it...there are still DNS unlocker ads Thanks Christian AdwCleanerC2.txt JRT.txt
  7. Hi Kevin, The virus is still active. I ran the fix this morning and rescanned the system. This is an active bugger. It is also redirecting me to a PC support window every other time I click a web link or type a web address. When I close the window and refresh the page it works fine, but the next time I click a link or type and address it goes back to this pc support window. I close and refresh and start the process over. Not sure how to kill this too. Anyhow I ran the FRST and the EEK scan again. EEK was clear, and the fixlog and addition reports are attached from the FRST sc
  8. Hi There I rebooted again and ran fresh scans this morning. here are the reports thanks FRST.txt scan_150901-155858.txt
  9. Hi there Thanks, Elise, Here are the attached files. Thanks Christian Fixlog.txt
  10. Hi there, Elise sent me a couple of links. Here are the attached reports. both scans found nothing but the virus definitely active. Any help here would be much appreciated. Thanks Christian scan_150828-104704.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
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