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  1. Mike, While you are waiting... Have you submitted the file from Quarantine as Fabian Wosar suggested? Was the item restored after update(s) and auto-rescanning Quarantine? ShadowPuterDude pointed to other possible False Positives Have you submitted those from the detection list for analysis? 1. Yes, as mentioned in locked post, a2 would not send the quarantined file, providing an error message instead, so I included them in the very next response as an attachment (plus attached here as "2day quarantine" from the 9th). If was not to go to you, please direct me where to send the quarantine file, in your response. All bug reports have been saved since response where you told me to do so. 2. Yes, items were restored in the very next scan, shown by program to be false positives. Sorry for overlooking mention of this. 3. Am unsure just where to submit the false positives for the analysis, so I've included them as attachments in the following post, thinking they were reviewed by staff responding here. In addition, newest bug report files are attached here for your analysis. Interestingly, similar virus are shown, yet in different locations then previous scans. As directed, no actions have been taken; but to save actions from being done by pre-set program preferences, modification of user preferences was required. Computer still has difficulties in extremely slow loading at start as well as of programs, extreme slowness connecting to internet of up to 15 minutes before online. Again, thanks, and I do sooo apologize for being such a pest while trying to get this computer righted. ~ hanging in... Mike :{D
  2. Mr. Wosar ~ Thank you for easing my mind concerning these "false positives." It seems my problems are more in line with registry problems rather then viruses. I shall take my place in line awaiting review by a professional that has the time to help fix my woes. Have a great day! ~ Mike :{D
  3. ~WHOLE QUOTATION REMOVED {Lynx} Lynx ~ Thank you for your thoroughness and direction; I will try reading the other boards to better educate myself. Since I am getting false positives (according to Fabian) I will just hang tight until the one and only specialist with enough time to help arrives to do so, as a few days compared to the 3 years I've been fighting these difficulties is a short wait. ~ Mike :{D
  4. Ha ya Lynx ~ Here's the latest of the files for a2, a2hijack & I see xp...I hope results show options to fix this computer and rid the continual problems...this morning I was referred by online in hijack to use a program called Sophos. Doesn't a2 do the same thing? or should I download Sophos as well to rid some virus problems? I believe the viruses found are still in quarantine at this time...shouldn't I delete them? I have followed the instructions by ShadowPuterDude...and if I understand correctly, I am not supposed to delete anything just yet... Instead, I should wait for instruction based on your findings from the attached files. Is this correct? On a slightly different subject: I have Spybot Search & Destroy, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and AVG in my computer, but have not run any while waiting for your instructions. An article I read on Cnet explained that each program tends to discover different viruses, so running multiple programs will help to keep your computer in better shape. Is it a good practice to run different malware programs on a weekly basis for additional discoveries of any viruses through deep scanning with different programs to eliminate all virus problems? or is it necessary run any different programs than the ones your website recommends in opposition to the Cnet report recommendations? Additional problems: My computer seems to have difficulties which begin when starting up! Loading of processes & programs is agonizingly slow. Defragging (after disk clean-up) will speed processes only slightly. Internet is the worst for loading...sometimes I can almost go food shopping in the time it takes to load...even a2 scan took most of the day yesterday. Obe-wahn Lynx, I bow to your wisdom, exaulted one of higher power to me, a lowly "shade-tree" almost geek through need...you are my only hope right now. My computer's life is quite literally in your hands with the other technicians of emsi, to find solution and resolve these reoccurring problems in my Dell 8250 Desktop. It is only through the wisdom of your guidance hope lies to fixing this maze of circuits. I await your command. Still hangin' in there, Mike :{D
  5. Thanks for setting me straight about the posts Lynx. Per your instruction, I have added the quarantine file and will now update all the programs and run for the new reports. I did an a2 scan (after updating) last night (which I am attaching), but I did not run all three programs last night, so I shall do so now... Thanks!
  6. Hi ya Lynx & Fabian ~ Aaaauragh!!!Okay, what to do now??? When I tried to attach the quarantine report to continue our initial topic posting with you, I got an error message that says "not permitted to upload this kind of file" What??? Sorry guys for being such a newbie, but I am MAJOR CONFUSED now just how this forum works!!! ...fighting this friggin' thing just to get online (I can go milk the cows, till a few fields and negotiate land AND taxes with the government whilst I wait! ***Here's the "I figured it out note"*** **For other newbies: the file saved directly FROM the a2 program must be coverted into a text file. It will be saved like a system file from a2 program. Open it with your notepad program and save it to your desktop. Notepad will make it into a text file which can be loaded into the forum page** Question: Do we start a new post each time instead of continuing the topic initially posted? Here's my original response (with amendments to remove explatives I wish I could say all went well...but NOT! Though I followed instructions to the letter by updating a2, new scan and tried to submit the quarantine file to support...the submission failed! (huh?) So...I am including the quarantine report as an attachment. Shocked even myself by having the forethought (OMG! I am slowly becoming my own hero, lol) to have saved the quarantine report to my desktop...before trouble began...WOW! I think I need a super-duper "ninja hacker" to "go remote" on my system. Is it registry problems, viruses, or what??? I've totally lost it to nervous breakdown before in that false reality of my own mind... This 'puter freezes up (for at least 10 to 20 minutes) loading ANY application! My yard has sooo many new flowerbeds, it's like spotted hills viewed from the air! Swinging a pick & shovel from frustration Kills me. Oh...the pain...the pain... Anybody know a fixer-uper dude for registry who works for free??? Just tell me what to do, okay? I'll git 'er done...or make a dandy new boat anchor!(What-eh-ver.) Here's a share of FYI fer ya: this newest a2 scan showed my DVD Data Library is completely laced with virus! (Duh.)(Huh?) AVG sucked on finding that - a2 rules! Thanks for all your help...I just know this 'puter will be beat into submission eventually!!! Hangin' in... Mike :{D Lynx and Fabian's response to "need a super-duper computer expert...":
  7. Dear Sir or Madame, I need help big time. My attachments include 2 extra bug reports - made before reading the entire start page, then I went back and read the entire start page - so, I am including those extra reports in hope I haven't screwed up ShadowPuterDude's system of "how to" instructions too badly for discovery of the problems in my system, so your experts can provide instructions on just how to fix it. Fingers crossed and on my knees, praying for guidance from higher powers, here ya go... Thanks in advance! Mike :{D
  8. What an awesome career! I anticipate viewing your cunningly sharp wit, experience & abilities in tackling my computer - proving a worthy foe to all adversaries so far!

    Hope worthy challenges come to augment your drive, provide entertainment & tenacity destroying malware - it's the challenges we face in life which build our character; at best, enriching our lives i...

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