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  1. Same situation here in INDIA. But I hope when we renew the license after one year we will get best deal.
  2. abyskaria

    How i can maintain my online privacy.

    Without using any security software available on the internet, where everyone is a guest, it is always impossible to maintain online privacy. Selecting the software gives your accountability in many ways. Some can erase every traces on your system and give you an anonymous identity but there are also pitfalls like the advertisement compatible policies that generate vulnerabilities also relevant to the details you are doing with the information you try to access over the internet. I must say no one can commit 100% online privacy. We can only mitigate such occurrences by timely investing some money at the best solutions already available here. I suggest you should always use genuine security software. This will answer some of the best enhancement you need here. Understand there is always a simple surveillance that is always happening over your online activity for your safety according to the cyber laws of the land where you live. It is unavoidable as you need a gateway to access the internet. So be ethically more vigilant what you do here.
  3. Hi. Thanks for your support. I am requesting for your review if you have time.

    Kindly let me know if this delivers a timely message. :)

  4. Eis 13 convey us a rethinking beyond a security software. Voodooshield may be better solution that suggest we need to refine uninterrupted support for blocking unwanted activities without our knowledge. Yet it does not keep status for intelligent results that can help users when issues arise from network interuptions. I mean we have a scenario where each application require a native patch, when their responses are validated by a server, how much details may be collected, it doesn't matter how long we are away, nothing happens vulnerable and we can be away when only the activity we have started always go easy, can all such services be executed without failure? Can we verify such status what goes wrong be switched for restarting without leakage of security? Voodooshield must be framed to leave a live response tailored to each time and activity in a self automated fashion.
  5. Your contribution is commendatory. I have only added some notes that rethink every online identity that requires good reasoning for technological vulnerabilities inclusion in your future products. When you generate solutions next generation challenges must be foreseen. We dont end up system securities through checklist in firewall or virus database signatures. Technical complexity must solve every online identity for making implementations secure their asset. This asset is truly what matters. Emsisoft internet security is a superior product in this regard. But when it comes to Emsisoft Total Security virtually it must be seen like every corporate solution an entire encryption of the device that fall into some criteria for expert users who choose such products that there is not any threats but unrealistically can safeguard from any risk. This is what is meant by Total Security that any additions like tuneup or some extra safeguards. How this must be implemented must be virtually simulated for each user that can be tailored with respective profile associated with their support community status. I have lot to add here. I have added my comments only regarding the title EIS 13 or ETS. My feature depicts how the role we adopt can solve technical inclusion of security vulnerabilities here in a time when cloud and other IoT must skin bigdata solutions. May be you like to associate this criteria with true genuine solutions. If you are interested write to me.
  6. Think differently. EIS that track user validations when he is away and remake the same when he is near his system. Already done ? How about virtually creating the entire replication that certain applications are user-sensitive and can be only used indicating the above validations through an automated response when sometimes we like to lock everything that always appear anywhere through a simple option in the cloud that is associated with an app in mobile or a response that dials a virtual platform even when I like to reinvent how I am browsing incognitively when no one expect my virtual yet tracking identity will not be displayed anywhere ? This is still more simple. Yet I didnt find a unique profile matching system that can clean my system from crash when EIS has encountered some vulnerability as it ask me to reboot the system. There must be a fine tuning for this default reversing button. No sensitive file storage that is applicable along with next EIS for retrieval anywhere with an equally censored restriction applicable which says that my restoration of all applications can be done in my new netbook just with one click yet saving my personal preference with all licenses wherever it is valid so that I can return where I started using my personal widget. This widget provided can synchronize my daily activity telling me a waking signal if I am wrong stationed in a place just working like a hardworker who produces result for what it means to be delivered for this promise. You never asked me if there can be a news I like to avoid being tracked by google yet the search engine can be refined to tailor what it is doing for no privacy for anyone at this high user profiles. Can I bypass any isp I am using without vpn or virtual dns yet just by creating a lookup as I want to view anywhere through an synchronous name I like to do repeatedly anywhere but showing me what I want to visualize my identity through a systematic approach that lots of information matters but define only what I wanted for my quest ? In this way my guest will only feel that I also made something for him through a public profile for this gateway everyday like something new never before. What EIS never did till now is that it didnt validated windows 10 preview updates so that my system restore points are fixed if it will encounter any problem ? I want EIS to work better in this regard. What I want is that if my system crash I only have to update a remote file in your server for usb reboot and it automatically validates my subscription credentials and restore my system perfectly like never before ? The apparent risk factor for my system apps and software must be mentioned in a proactive insight keeping in view how I am using every software whether it is licensed or pirated as I like always experimentation. Nothing much. But would like to contribute more if you have time.
  7. abyskaria

    Live Rescue CD

    Implementing an Emsisoft client configured for preventing any PC crash proactively helping user anywhere access patch modules whatsoever device may be connected for everyone that helps only making similar cloud system is good and as you pointed out this may be costly. In my previous mentioned communication, I must say sometimes it will be easier for all users can benefit by segmenting addressing solutions with live rescue CD that firstly backups all user data respectively along with its appropriate personally installed running valid application enabled and those preferential used autosummary based on last utilized by the customer so that if there is no way we cannot recover at fatal emergencies for a system that is already fully crashed without no other option. Let me illustrate one such example. Our customers has a crashed or infected system but what happens for all data residue already in plenty in this old system if it is permanently corrupted and unusable. Here for example all my bookmarks and user details including passwords in Mozilla browser recovered by the live rescue CD for use in the new system that customer has bought through ease of management with all the best included scenario I have illustrated till now. In this case, if Emsisoft unlike any other vendor gives some option within its security software that help your live rescue CD scan all details and save more time through cleaning using an restoring option live as any instance is saved in PC memory. By using live rescue CD it must have many such noted advancement. This is in simple words I mentioned about analytical batch recovery mode. Hope you may find more interesting with all relevancy detailed. Again in future running cloud for ease of solutions will be practicable every cost will be qualitatively best and in all quantitative means better. Imagine you have a security troubleshooting live for just payment less than a regular PC technician may incurred. More additional summary can be updated always from everyone who are virtually everywhere. A knowledge base that solves similar solution with all advertisement focussed than regular updates prepounded. It helps any system recovery just by running a live cloud connection that scheme all possible actions live from the boot process. Towards this enhancement we just need only some time invested valuable for the source codes generated how this distributed hierarchy can be scaled for standing out different from other vendors. If you have the right talented people with relevant skills who may use their knowledge endlessly, this is not an impossible entry in the time ahead. Thanks once again. Let us try the best where we are contributory ahead. It is possible if you have right people who are guided by this passion.
  8. abyskaria

    Virtual Keyboard

    Hey, your suggestions need a change. I would call this as virtual mnemonics that replicate human voice unlike a virtual keyboard. In the best way we can allow everything from linguistic communication like even starting or sharing any content for this feature as real time security guard more powerful than QR codes. If you have time review my opinion. We have a long way for this contribution.
  9. abyskaria

    Add Cloud Protection

    I must note the only best protection for cloud never mentioned here will be an assistance for restoring temporary valid session or recovering through one live crash disk. Cloud may also be used as a checker for faster connectivity for a remote resource virtually been offline in this moment. When coming towards system protection from my experience, cloud protection not only compromise our privacy but makes the system with few resources slowing down in performance. I must say if you like cloud protection from the view point that you are not 100% secure, make an option for personal customization as a request from Emsisoft. Certainly it is the best advise anyone can give you if you like all the critics that is not genuinely true.
  10. abyskaria

    Live Rescue CD

    Live CD compares all concurrent relevant details that is implied for the PC from the time when Emsisoft was installed or the last time any status of Emsisoft client was updated. Luckily even without internet we have an option for recovery. May be this is what always mentioned and similar like Windows restore options. Another scenario starts with internet and when we run live rescue cd it saves some configuration that is available for restore saved in the temporary system directory files available in your PC shared with the Emsisoft server analysed for all future use. While we run live rescue cd this temporary directory will be inside cloud or Emsisoft malware networks or even in the Emsisoft client folder in your PC primary drive where we have connectivity for ongoing process and today this can be just always in plentiful. An analysis interpreted as when this happen generate changes sequential signatures as code, if we may use external cloud protection with Emsisoft. For this scenario cloud protection may not be prerequisite . When we depend on internet just for running a session from the Emsisoft server virtual terminal that address what really caused PC for this crash and system history logs is always that can be exported from the user files in the primary system folder. Without any reason that is proactive for prediction, Emsisoft will only have some signatures link checker that need to be recovered for running the system before this happens without compromising privacy. We require cloud protection only for sharing simultaneous instances that is revocable each and when Emsisoft may be cared for any exceeding demand. The best we can view all the scenario by replacing cloud protection that slows down system towards hanging. Regarding download files from internet, live crash CD has some deviation as it does analytical batch recovery mode. By this I mean, it gives you what you want helping user diagonalize how they can adapt better efficiency and best result from all that has happened so far. It may not only formulates the conditions that escape not by verifying general troubleshoots, yet as we run out of time, live crash CD ranges between the scenario that checks each harddisk diagnotic sectors then establish the recovery pathway governing running the same Emsisoft from any portable USB options if we may need any current updations, but this helps us more certainity for faster responses. Live crash CD runs through the basic options through verifying in simple words restarting the Emsisoft client that was installed helping it determine taking the sequence of action live as it happens. We can verify more options after this which happens live when system reboots. In my earlier comment, I hope you read the mention of how we want Emsisoft client as a prerequisite When offline, verified concurrent activity in the Emsisoft client logs if monitored functionally will suggest live crash cd what all advanced options can be scheduled for finest recovery mode. This will eliminate system vulnerability found out through initiated scanning system so developed and help us for all updates through a new version of system autopatcher which is build within the live crash cd if we need more specific instance running for personal use. All options for the best checklist may be provisionally done simultaneously. I hope this solves your dilemma. Take time. Have a journey with the best commitment you can contribute. Thanks.
  11. abyskaria

    Live Rescue CD

    You might be technically less accurate. Look beneath writing here. All post has a hidden interpretation. May be you make some mistake as bot. Let us just skim the ice for more information, the source that is most valuable. Please dont take all my writing as bot messages. I am working and so not getting time to make the post most accurate even towards its fine details. Let me know any required clarification if you are not busy. Thanks.
  12. abyskaria

    Live Rescue CD

    Imagine your PC crashed. You have not lately done any backup. If you have a live rescue CD that solves your problem fixing this real time towards the last session you started without even caring what type of operating system you are using. There are lots of ways practically we can do now. I have illustrated core facts here. Let me assume I insert my live rescue cd in my pc and it finds out every operational related activity running through the kernel core processes. We can even connect this live rescue cd by usb or wifi. It learns the issue first through interaction with the cloud interface and does everything sorted out in a minute so that you save more time with best software at hand. Only required option I must say is that we need an Emsisoft client process before the issue occured. May be this can happen without internet as the live rescue cd will generate the specific patch that can bring up all that is required. I hope this is the most simplest situation we always need. I hope now the big picture is before us most suitably. Hope this is making some good news. I have been in a hurry while I wrote all my post here. If you feel we need to make this more simplified let me clarify more details before as you may interpret. Thanks.
  13. How about another event like explicit reporting that mention everything from those preferences specifically adapted working parallel through what we using online or offline? Let me illustrate this. If I am offline no changes will be happening within any application that need to be run without getting permission directly from some logs I am reported. This is just a prosaic statement but lots of meaning happens here. Now let us imagine a picture opening msn from internet explorer. Can you imagine all the networks that connect this source client application for no filtering on every specific respect? If I am adding more apps in my mobile how is this empty my privacy through identity theft? May be you are saying I have not read the term and conditions. True but there is no other option. My solution is restrict one cache (i.e., not just a buffer even many times advanced in the cloud virtual temporary directory) that help us even the same experience limiting what it takes more than even counts. Every alterations in those applications validity relevant for errors will be monitored and live firewall will measure everything that will suite my session with the best presentation in the longer time. I have only mentioned one feature more for the next page again in no time at all. Hope you will consider. Thanks!!!
  14. abyskaria

    Just an idea

    If we mention client peers that run anywhere anonymously use their own default network addresses more specifically; we can sector them accordingly as autonomous area unit labels so that our each customer often takes near the notice for filtering how specifically it can happen from the virtual address table map behind our isp connection background, may help finding what happens when someone is causing the biggest problem we often find as attack. Imagine if we track those maps those sections within specific virtual anonymous units that run through time lag where it is lead down and being reported at both ends; now we can find that we have an inherent solution for good fair enough answer for our problem. I mean we cant block the specific country but can do it for the specific tagged area which will only take next 3 sec for the possible attack. So we save 3 seconds again. I must note in a few seconds far this is a answer yet but a true solution again. There is lot more we can add here. Let us make it more specific. I will be glad for suggestions.
  15. abyskaria

    Live Rescue CD

    It would be even better if we can firstly run live rescue CD with remote cloud more over silent that saves everything that never had a backup option ever started. This Live Rescue CD stimulates virtual environment for matching run time interface with all possible features helping our customer without even having online connectivity. It rolls down some hash values generated that has caught necessary triggered action to be done. In the whole scenario we will always generate some data with valuable information how silent the restoration may be welcome on any limits. I am sure you will never feel the logic is not so bad but a wide thought possible in the latest security build patch that can help us fix the issue gives us a simple solution even not wasting this live rescue CD but may be helpful for anyone everywhere even without internet. How nice. I hope next issue has more such patterns that is recoverable towards functionality within minutes. Thanks for your post. Have a good mind for this solution standing different for an innovation in making.