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  1. Ohhh... okay... But for me it's fixed. I didn't even exclude PL's processes. I'll let PL dev know about your concern. He might be able to optimize PL more. Thanks!
  2. I just want to say that this is fixed. I don't know what and which changes. I just installed back EIS from using another AV for more than 2 months. So far, the issue does not persist. I don't even need to put PL's processes into exclusion. It's just a vanilla installation, and all is well.
  3. The latest version. Version 11. Version, to be precise.
  4. Yes, it is, after system restart. But after closing and then starting ProcessLasso.exe it now would become not monitored.
  5. I already excluded (whitelisted) ProcessLasso.exe. But after system restart, EIS would consume a little amount of CPU power again all the time until I closed PL's GUI. Whitelisting the process will let the process do whatever it does, right? It's clearly not the case for PL. What about other whitelisted processes? If they start before EIS, then that should be a security concern. Isn't it?
  6. Bumping this! This hasn't been fixed yet. I'm using the 11th version of Emsisoft Internet Security.
  7. Okay. At least, you'll fix this. What and when is that major release? Is that like EIS 11? Will it be launched next year or next, next year? I hope it's not like that. What would you recommend me about the problem? Should I try delaying the launch of ProcessLasso,exe? Is that even possible for a non-service?
  8. What shall I do with this, then? Won't you change this behavior of EIS?
  9. So, this means that EIS must always load first before the excluded processes would load?
  10. Bump! I just tried a system restart, and the problem presents itself again. I waited for a few minutes because EIS might just be loading its engine. But when I closed (ended) PL's GUI, EIS consumption of CPU went back to 0%. So, EIS might be really forgetting its whitelists after a system restart.
  11. Okay. Thanks for that info! Yes, after I close and open ProcessLasso.exe (also even after system restart), all is normal for EIS. But the problem will come back after a few minutes. And after I close PL.exe, EIS goes normal again. It's inconsistent for me. It's a hit and miss situation. Edit: I'm testing it again right now. I'll report back if EIS would consume CPU power again even after whitelisting PL.exe (which I already did days ago). Thanks, Fabian!
  12. Oh, okay... But, like I said, I already did that "exclusion". The problem is not solved.
  13. Whenever the GUI of Process Lasso is launched, EIS would consume 2-5% of CPU power all the time. I tried putting PL's processes into Whitelist under File Guard, but it wouldn't really work. EIS would still consume 2-5% CPU power all the time. Of course, if I close the GUI of PL, EIS would calm down. Also, I tried disabling both Surf Protection and BB. Surprisingly, EIS calms down even if the GUI of PL is on. I already reported this to PL team, and they already took action about this. They put EIS' processes into exclusions, meaning that PL won't "look and touch" into EIS' processes. The team were suspecting that EIS is activating its tampering protection whenever PL "looks" into it. But the exclusion still didn't solve the problem. I suspect that it's because of PL's inherent action. Process Lasso is designed to "look" or read other processes, so that it can act (e.g. Probalance) on them. So, also because of EIS' behavior monitoring of processes, I think that it constantly monitors PL's behavior, thus constantly consuming 2-5% of CPU power all the time. This is PL's website: https://bitsum.com/processlasso/