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  1. https://support.heimdalsecurity.com/hc/en-us/articles/208744905-How-does-DarkLayer-Guard-work
  2. Heimdal - paid software but they also provide DNS filtering.
  3. It was announced years ago that they will stop supporting XP https://blog.emsisoft.com/2015/06/24/support-for-windows-xp-and-vista-will-end-april-2016/
  4. Emsisoft Internet Security was discontinued. Which is why yours changed to Emsisoft Antimalware. For more info you can read this: https://blog.emsisoft.com/2017/09/19/emsisoft-windows-firewall-protection/
  5. Have you tried it? What's your experience with that firewall?
  6. Wanted to confirm that for me the latest version fixed the issue. Thanks to all of Emsisoft for their work.
  7. Got the "missing component" issue as well. Attempted to reinstall 3 times but issue still persist on reboot. When installing I noticed "Firewall" is missing in Emsisoft, I guess that was the missing component. Currently don't have Emsisoft installed cause I was waiting for this to be fixed. Should I installed the beta? What is everyone's suggestion? Is it stable enough? I don't mind waiting a while.
  8. I enabled the appcontainer flag on Chrome. The addons crashed. So, it appears the "issue" isn't solved yet. It appears, Edge works fine(surf protection is functional) but Chrome with appcontainer enabled causes crashes. Either way, since you just said the developers are working on it then it probably just a matter of time. No biggie
  9. UAC is on. It's a Windows 10 x64 with SUA + UAC at max setting
  10. Surf protection seems to work fine on Edge. I tested it once by changing privacy risk to block and notify, and then picking one of the Host from the privacy category. Emsisoft's surf protection blocked the connection.
  11. Wait. Does that mean that Adguard for Windows is also incompatible since it uses a WFP network driver?
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