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  1. Hmm, i updated this morning and still the problem is there. Has someone else the problem on going ?
  2. Hi all, after a scann today the following files have been found. a-squared Free - Version 4.5 Letztes Update: 01.11.2009 10:16:47 Scan Einstellungen: Scan Methode: N/A Objekte: C:\ Archiv Scan: An Heuristik: Aus ADS Scan: An Scan Beginn: 01.11.2009 10:17:01 C:\Programme\InstallShield Installation Information\{37EA0983-1AA8-4DD5-8006-3C988B10DA5E}\_setup.dll gefunden: SpywareNuker!A2 C:\Programme\InstallShield Installation Information\{C151CE54-E7EA-4804-854B-F515368B0798}\_setup.dll gefunden: SpywareNuker!A2 C:\System Volume Information\_restore{EC7CCED0-32CF-4A97-933D-2F9571365A3B}\RP101\A0012190.dll gefunden: SpywareNuker!A2 C:\System Volume Information\_restore{EC7CCED0-32CF-4A97-933D-2F9571365A3B}\RP101\A0012193.dll gefunden: SpywareNuker!A2 Gescannt Dateien: 91845 Traces: 0 Cookies: 0 Prozesse: 0 Gefunden Dateien: 4 Traces: 0 Cookies: 0 Prozesse: 0 Registry Keys: 0 Scan Ende: 01.11.2009 10:42:32 Scan Zeit: 0:25:31 i send the setup.dll's via my e-mail to support and fp i guess that was right !? i hope its just an fp because other scanners don't find anything !