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  1. Thank you Anastasia.. I was a little concern, due to spammers. I kind of thought you were legit after tracking things down.. I am happy to have you on our board, I appreciate the articles posted.. We try our best to stay on top of computer related articles.. Feel free to post your articles.. Thanks.. Ron (Binkie)
  2. I have a question. Sorry I have to put it in this forum, but it is related to this subject.. I own a senior's web forum and we do have a small computer help section.. But my question is: Yesterday I admitted a new member called emsisoft profile show to be female. Did an excellent post, related to Microsoft spying, the link back goes to Emsisoft home page blog.. I am wondering if this is a real person or a bot. Even the email address goes back to emsisoft.. Just seems a little strange for a big company to be doing anything like this.. If I have posted in the wrong forum, you do have my permission to move it.. Thanks.. Ron..
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