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  1. hi elise, it's been 3 days now and not a single redirect. i'm pretty sure the new profile has taken care of the problem. i surely do appreciate all your help!
  2. ok. i've created person #2 on chrome...will now use it to see if it will redirect...thank you for your help, elise!
  3. ok, it's sunday afternoon and so all weekend, not one redirect! i would love to troubleshoot chrome and find out why it has gone haywire...if you have the time. i will be at my computer for the most part this next week.
  4. i've been using firefox since yesterday afternoon and not a single redirect! chrome must be the culprit? interesting... if you want to leave this thread open for another day, i'll report back again, tomorrow and let you know for sure. you guys are a wonderful resource...thank you so much for being there!
  5. i will use another browser to move around the web today...and see what happens and will let you know.
  6. i was on zerohedge.com when i clicked and that warning came up... i have to reboot because when i relaunch after ctrl-alt-del, chrome just relaunches the same pages and that includes the stupid page warning...if i reboot, then just one page launches asking me if i want to restore and i say no and start over. the page warning will not let me x it off or kill it in any way. you believe that the redirect is sourced from zerohedge.com? and not from my computer?
  7. well dangit! just got another redirect...malwarebytes did not catch it...i'm going to have to reboot to kill it...i don't know what might help you...but this is the url that came up: makeforexsimple.com/bcd2uvw.html there is a woman's voice telling me i am in danger and have a virus installed on my computer...it's strongly advised that i call the number provided as soon as possible and i will be guided for the removal of the virus on my computer...
  8. thank you so much! you guys are great and i really really appreciate your help! i've clicked and clicked and so far NO redirects!
  9. wow...i did not know about that button! thank you so much for the detailed instructions...i cleared it back to the beginning of time and i havne't yet experienced a redirect since the reboot. can we leave this thread open until tomrrow...just to be sure? and i will post in the morning how it's all doing. thank you so much...sometimes it is the little things!
  10. ok...i think i have found what you are calling the mbam protection log...there are many on my computer so i guess malwarebytes has been busy! this is the most recent one from today... thank you, again! protection-log-2015-09-22.xml
  11. i have been using chrome and have not experienced redirects in any other browser. i am using opera to do this troubleshooting. the redirects vary between two different outcomes. in one redirect, malwarebytes jumps in and stops it. in the other redirect i kill it as soon as i see it - and i am watching for it so i'm able to catch them quickly and kill them. it is much better than it was...i used to have to reboot to kill a redirected page. question: when i ran roguekiller, i disconnected all usb and external drives. however, i have an external harddrive that i backup once each wee
  12. i tried a few different things to get the file into this page as a .json...but nothing worked...so i renamed it from .json to .txt - hoping it would still be useable - and attached it here. if it's not useable...i will follow your direction to get the file to you as a .json. thank you, again, for your help! RKreport_SCN_09212015_125036.txt
  13. hello and thank you for stepping in to help! i am unable to open the .json file, as it sends me to the internet to find a program to use. i wouldn't know which program to use. i can rename to a .txt, if you like. i do not know if that will make a difference in the information. please advise, and thank you again!
  14. when trying to attach the file, Error: You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file file name = RKreport_SCN_09212015_125036.json please advise. thank you.
  15. just had another redirect...malwarebytes has been jumping up and blocking the redirect...sometimes...
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