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  1. Thanks Alexstrasza, that makes more sense. I was hoping that was the case. I'm in awe of EIS, so far. Much better compatibility with Windows 10 than what I was using, and so lite on resources it's amazing. From everything I have read here and elsewhere it has lived up to and exceeded my expectations. Congratulations to all Emsisoft staff for an outstanding job! You have a new convert. As a long time user of 10+ years of a rivals product, I look forward to the next decade with Emsisoft.
  2. Have gone through some forum posts and I'm a little confused. I have read that Emsisoft is compatible with other AV solutions, is this also the case for Emsisoft internet Security? I was always told to never run 2 active real time AV solutions, Is Emsisoft Internet Security not enough all by it's self?