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  1. Hello Thomas, I did receive the serial number and followed what you said in prior posts back then and it worked but then reverted back for some reason. I looked through my folder for Emsisoft and I don't see it. It was through google play store I purchased for $9.99 so I guess I threw it away. It's under Brittany Frank around Sept 16th, 2015. A mastercard was used.
  2. I'm reviving this because it's linked. I did purchase the mobile app and a few weeks ago it says expired. It keeps asking for a valid license. I don't know what happened. Thanks
  3. Worked like a charm Thomas, thank you! In Application Audit, it has three rectangular boxes with Internet, Privacy Control, Costs. I'm assuming we need to click on these to enable them to work. I'm not really sure if this is correct. If the device was stolen, can I log into my Emsisoft account on my computer to wipe it? I noticed it also asked for a trusted number so it could text message the # if the sim card was changed. I think it said you can wipe the phone from that trusted #, am I correct? Thank you for all your help!
  4. Okay, thank you my dear friends! Excellent program! One other question please. I did d/l the mobile app for my phone and when I installed it I see you can link the phone to Anti-Theft. When I tried to do this it told me the phone wasn't linked to my account. How do I do this? Thank you
  5. Hello everyone, Are we allowed to install Emsisoft Internet Security on our Android phones as well, if we have a paid version for the desktop? Keep up the good work! Thanks