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  1. I'm running the latest EAM and Acronis True Image 2018 on my Windows 10 Pro desktop. Acronis has an "Active Protection" module, which they say detects ransomware. Will running Acronis Active Protection interfere with Emsisoft functioning? https://kb.acronis.com/content/60183
  2. I used the Dell diagnostics suite (ePSA, accessible through bios) the other day. No problems with any hardware, including drives. Chkdsk checked out fine, too. I also took the time to update all of my drivers. EDIT: I just ran CrystalDiskInfo: Health Status Good
  3. Thanks, Arthur. I have some time off and I spent yesterday looking at my Windows logs and tweaking registry entries and services related to what looked like a botched Windows install. I haven't seen the issue for 20 hours now, and Windows and the original problem has not reappeared. I'm back to fast startups and restarts. I wish I could say exactly what the problem was, but it appeared to be a few processes interacting poorly, along with a .NET Framework corruption. I'm still unsure how a Windows clean install didn't help. I probably should have created install media. I went back to stable
  4. After four hours, I turned debug off. Within a minute after turning off debug, the tray icon became unresponsive. I was doing nothing else with the computer, although quite a few programs were running. I've turned debug back on. After a restart, the tray icon is working. Toggling debug after the restart didn't replicate the issue. I'll keep debug on. Update: Problem replicated, debug log sent.
  5. Thanks for all of your help. I've set EIS to debug, but I haven't been able to reproduce the issue. It's been two hours, and I've started and used most of the programs I use in a typical week. I even left MBAE running without a whitelist entry in EIS. The unresponsive tray icon issue has never taken more than 1/2 hour after start or restart to manifest. I'm on beta updates, and went from 6486 to 6500 before I saw your post. It's early, but that upgrade may have resolved the issue. If the issue does manifest, I'll send the debug log as directed. At any rate, I'll be back this evening (EDT)
  6. I was using the beta updates for a few days. The difficulties were still there.
  7. Yes, EIS still runs and I can open it from normally from file manager or Start. It's just the tray icon that becomes unresponsive. However, with Emsisoft running, Chrome crashes often and startup is slower. The problem manifests even if I don't run Chrome. As far as I can tell, I've disabled anything Chrome from startup. I've tried different task bar positions and configurations, but that doesn't appear to matter. I had time yesterday to disable other programs and drivers in startup one-by-one in an attempt to see what might be causing this, but couldn't find anything. I still have to test
  8. No, I have never run MBAE and EIS at the same time. MBAE wasn't installed when the difficulties began.
  9. I sent the logs. 6486 still has an unresponsive tray icon (which becomes unresponsive 20 or 30 minutes after any restart).
  10. The original problem (EIS system tray icon doesn't respond to right or left clicks) returned after I installed my printer software - LJ-Pro-200-color-M251-full-solution_15188.exe - which I use daily during the school year or Adobe Air and the Pandora desktop app. The printer software is one of the few differences that I can think of between my main WIndows 10 laptop (which has no problems with EIS) and this desktop. The laptop has Adobe Air and Pandora. This is a clean Windows 10 install. I'm currently on EIS Since I'm not the only one reporting this, I'm thinking this is an E
  11. The original problem returned after 30 minutes. I hadn't installed anything else. I switched to BETA, updated, and the problem went away. It's been a few hours, and I've done a lot of tweaking and reinstalling. The problem appears solved with the move to BETA.
  12. I ran sfc /scannow, which showed some corruption that couldn't be fixed automatically. Rather than try to repair the corruptions manually, I decided to do a clean reinstall of Windows 10. EIS was among the first apps I reinstalled. It's working well. I'll let you know if any problems reappear. Thanks for all of your help!
  13. I deleted EPP as directed, restarted and tried to install EIS. The install hung a few times for a while (most notably at the "FINISH INSTALL" click), but eventually finished. After signatures et al were updated, a quick scan hung. Program update was successful and another quick scan took 3 seconds, The EIS system tray icon was not responding. I restarted again and the restart took eight minutes (until desktop icons appeared). Fifteen minutes into the restart, the EIS system try icon still had not appeared. The A2 service was running. That's the only EIS service I saw. Sandboxie wasn't running.
  14. Sandboxie was installed well after any difficulties and after I uninstalled EIS (so I'd have some protection given I can't run EIS). I'll give your suggestion a try and report back. At this point, attempts to reinstall EIS crash, even after using Emsiclean.
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