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  1. I am having exactly the same problem as Bill, mine is the free version Do you advise I do the same as you've advised Bill, I wonder if your solution has led to his working ok now? Just realised mine hasn't updated successfully since 9th February
  2. Sorry I have just noticed this problem being covered in another thread, so please ignore
  3. Every morning since upgrading to, I get a message saying that a new version of OA has been downloaded & installed, yet of course, when I check the latest version, it is still 1395.Is this just a tiny bug that needs fixing?
  4. Thanks, I wasn't sure, I'll go ahead & install that now then. This forum would be lost without your advice, thanks
  5. Catprincess, I'm confused again I've gone to download the latest version where you gave the link on another post, it's & that says it is available for a 30 day trial & then an option to buy. Has this replaced the OA Free Version that I had - & there is no longer any free version at all?
  6. I have OA Free Version & I'm just about to download to the 5.1.1 version, but I'm confused reading all about how OA++ is no longer going to be supported. Will that affect my free version?
  7. I experienced exactly the same problem as well. This happened before to me when there was an upgrade available, so I suppose OA doesn't upgrade automatically itself. No problem though, I will do what catprincess says, I'm still very impressed with OA
  8. Ah that makes sense now thanks, thought it was strange I had looked at the windowsupdate.log & couldn't see any mention of failed updates. Didn't for a second think it would be an update for OA itself, I'll do as you suggest; I see there is a new version 5 out, presume it's not an uninstall then install job & that your "Upgrade install" will remember all the configurations of the old one. Thanks for your help, always much appreciated.
  9. OK thanks catprincess,here goes:- Created: 4/23/2011 3:55:05 PM Summary: Automatic Update failed Description: Socket Error # 10053, Software caused connection abort. Event type: Auto update(11) Event action: None(1)
  10. Thanks for your swift response catprincess, no the error is definitely in a balloon tip from OA, and it repeatedly shows every couple of minutes or so. Also, if I look in 'History', the event is logged there as "Socket Error #10053, Software caused connection abort". The only way to stop the balloon error message is to reboot. What should I do, do you think I should turn off Windows Updates altogether and perform manual updates each day?
  11. I’ve had windows 7 for some time now & Windows Automatic Updates have always worked fine. Now I’m receiving a message “Automatic Windows Update failed: Socket 10053 Software caused Connection Abort” from my online-armor firewall (v4.5.1.431). I’ve not installed any new software recently, nor have I any email or internet connection problems. Also, performing windows updates manually works ok. Can anyone help me solve this problem please.
  12. I had exactly the same thing happen to me with Microsoft Office, I was advised to reboot, click on learning mode, load Radiotracker fully, turn off learning mode. I haven't had one popup reminder since.
  13. How do I post a screenshot, I've saved a file in Paint, I tried browse & load the file but that didn't work either Edit: OK I've got the attach file to work now, but Nick's idea worked thanks
  14. I have a new Dell PC which comes bundled with Microsoft Office 2010 Starter. Both Excel & Word have adverts in them, which are accessed online. Every time I load Excel or Word, Program Guard pops up and asks me if I want to allow this module, I tick I trust this program and I also tick 'allow'. But it never remembers the decision and asks every time. It's not a big problem, just wonder if anyone else has experienced this & how they were able to overcome it? Thanks, Geoff
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