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  1. I already suggested it to be added to the help file :).

    It's been close to 3 years now but this piece of information is still not there in the help file. There are just some one liners here and there with some vague information about the whitelist and that it can be used to exclude files.


    The information needs to be precise. It should state very clearly that the file added to the whitelist will be excluded from scanning if just Scanner is checked for instance.

  2. If a file is whitelisted by selecting just the "Scanner", the file should no longer be found by on demand scans as per the URL
    I decided to try this out and so I added the "vlc.exe" file to the whitelist and only selected "Scanner". I then ran a custom scan of just the VideoLAN folder where the "vlc.exe" file resides.

    Unexpectedly, it scanned all the 622 files that were inside that folder whereas ideally, it should have scanned 621 since the vlc.exe file was whitelisted.

    Please check the attached screenshots and let me know why it's behaving like this.

    Download Image

    Download Image

    Download Image

    Download Image

  3. I appreciate the honesty but I hope you understand that a bug like this needs to be fixed on top priority. It prevents the download of critical updates unless the Firewall is deactivated but deactivating the firewall can make the system vulnerable.


    I mean an issue as critical as this should be treated as soon as possible.

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  4. There is this application called Everything by voidtools and it's quite a nice app. It helps locate files and folders instantly and I am sure it is legit.


    The "Everything.exe" file is however detected as malicious by Emsisoft and so is its "Uninstall.exe" and this definitely looks like a false positive. Please check the attached screenshot.


    The interesting thing though is that as per the the latest analysis report from Virustotal, Emsisoft doesn't detect it as malicious  and so the question that arises is why did it detect the file in the first place


    Here's the link to the report -


    Not just this but the "Uninstall.exe" of Glary utitilities is also detected as a file trying to modify some autorun settings and this again is a well known software.


    I've already submitted the files for analysis. Can we please get this rectified at the earliest?

    Download Image

  5. Hi,


    I intentionally shut down the Emsisoft protection to see the Captcha protection in action and it worked as expected. No issues there.


    I then restarted the protection by opening the Emsisoft product and it seemed all fine, however it looked like the Windows task manager had a different story to tell.


    I saw that the Emsisoft protection service used just 1 MB of the memory where as usually, it would use more than 100 MB of the physical memory. So I waited for a couple of minutes and then reopened the task manager and this time, the memory usage showed the usual results.


    I have 8 GB of RAM installed by the way just in case.


    The memory usage though keeps fluctuating drastically and I say that because at times, the memory usage would be as low as 1 MB or even less than that and then at the other times, it would be more than 200 MB.


    I understand that the service can take up resources and the utilization would vary but I want to know if a variation such as this is considered normal 


    I just want to make sure that my desktop has the complete Emsisoft protection enabled and therefore just out of curiosity, would like to know if this is a normal behavior or if there is something that I need to be aware of.




  6. I noticed this recently and thought I should share. So I select the Custom scan option and select any drive for the scan except for the C drive and click Next, but it scans all the drives


    Please excuse the title of the topic as I have specified there that it only scans the C drive.


    Is this an abnormal behavior or there's something that I need to know here?