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  1. fataleffect

    I think this EIS needs this

    Im pretty sure it does...
  2. When someone plugs in an external drive/usb it should have a scan progress bar so you know how much of the drive has been scanned.
  3. fataleffect

    Microsoft Spying

    @Aura Yeah it is sad but there is the attitude of "I have nothing to hide, so why should I care". Only until you find out what there really is going for you do you realize that the world is a kind of draconian place. You can be speaking about weddings on facebook chat and then 2 seconds later have a load of adverts for weddings .etc. It's not fair and I don't agree with it, but if people still use their service they can add whatever they want to the infamous of terms of service. http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2010/04/15/online-shoppers-unknowingly-sold-souls/ This is quite interesting/funny , they decided to pull a prank to see who would notice...
  4. fataleffect

    Microsoft Spying

    Agreed to some extent, unfortunately you have to accept the fact your information gets harvested and sold on by using a search engine, Or the fact that google voice search is logged or windows and apple spy on its users constantly, there's no escaping it... The majority if not all here would use windows, (as far as i am aware there isn't a mac version of Emsisoft) that's probably why the discussion isn't about Siri or whatever other mac products. You could always use an alternative search engine like Duck-Duck-Go instead of Google or Bing. And as for operating system the only other option for pure privacy is Linux.. Also using a VPN for encryption and anonymous searching is a good for better privacy- If used correctly.
  5. Just wondering, I can't wait for it
  6. fataleffect

    Microsoft Spying

    I probably would if i owned a Mac or I-Phone.
  7. fataleffect

    Live Rescue CD

    I don't know but running a live cd from a cloud sounds expensive and unnecessary, a live cd is for emergency only so making a cloud system for a live cd would be rather costly for something that should only be used in emergencies only. And I think you misunderstood live rescue CD, a live rescue cd is an operating system, usually linux which has an anti-virus installed onto the operating system allowing you to scan for malware... most live rescue cd's I have used only have a malware scanner and a browser. It is used for scanning and cleaning your pc, nothing more. It would be cheaper for Emsisoft to do it the way other vendors have done it
  8. fataleffect

    Live Rescue CD

    @abyskaria So you're saying connect to the cloud over the internet, i understand that yes but you would need internet to download the updates anyway, plus you cant save an updated version of a live disc to a DVD that has already been burned :| so you couldnt really update a live cd seeing as it would have to download the files there and then.
  9. fataleffect

    Microsoft Spying

    Emsisoft did a good newsletter on basic privacy on windows 10. can be found here: http://blog.emsisoft.com/2015/09/02/the-truth-about-windows-10-spying-on-almost-everything-you-do/ they listed a program which automatically disables intrusive features of windows 10 can be found here: http://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10 disabling cortana was a first for me, it seemed cool to have a voice controlled computer, but seeing as cortana saves all of the voice recordings i found it to be rather intrusive.
  10. fataleffect

    Live Rescue CD

    @abyskaria: Sorry I didn't understand any of that.
  11. Would you ever considering venturing into making a live rescue CD. Thanks.
  12. fataleffect

    Just an idea

    Fair enough EDIT: Don't forget Elbonia
  13. fataleffect

    Just an idea

    I wouldn't personally say "xenophobia" more just paranoid.
  14. fataleffect

    Can't remove custom firewall rule.

    When you try and paste the string in, it doesnt actually let you paste it. Just stays blank. Also today emsisoft internet secuirty was stuck in background mode and now it isnt loading at all, i get the "a major problem has occured". EDIT: Re-installing EIS seems to have fixed it. RUSSIA-FED-DENY-LIST.txt
  15. fataleffect

    Just an idea

    In the firewall custom rules add another drop down of "ban country", just like one of the features online armor had.