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  1. Hi dear supporter, Google Chrome Behavior.TrojanDownloader chrome.exe
  2. Hi Please add the file protection feature against changes and threats. Like Kaspersky: Manage resources And other Antivirus: File protection or file encryption or ..... Best regards.
  3. Hello We want EIS This is not good idea (Merging Emsisoft Internet Security with Emsisoft Anti-Malware) please don't remove the firewall
  4. Hello Dear Supporter, Please fix and edit this page Fix pictures and version and release date Best regards.
  5. Captain


    Hi Dear Emsisoft Supporter, Is it possible to add Sandbox to Emsisoft? For testing and running Malware
  6. Captain


    You're absolutely correct expression. Agree with all of your words thanks a lot
  7. Captain


    Thank you I use Networx If the firewall will have this feature Is very good
  8. Captain


    Sorry for my bad English I mean we not use any program for internet monitoring Because these program slow down the system
  9. Captain


    Hi Like Kaspersky, Comodo and other For the supervision and the lack of side-program installation Because the system with reduced speed
  10. Captain


    I know But must we accept that very powerful HIPS. why? Suspicious file when the report runs, the HIPS that this file to this drive and registry access and processing wants. As I expressed, it is better than not having HIPS. But it can be disabled by default and people who need to activate.
  11. Captain


    Is correct. However, if default is disabled, the HIPS will need people that can activate it. This is a product that I love it But the lack of some features reduce the use of this product. Sanbox HIPS This is a case that really need. All users of this product is reminiscent of sees are not novices.
  12. Captain


    Me and people like me to get better and improve the product we attempt. Maybe you don't know Me, but I have the same thing that I am one of the users of this product is enough. It is your specialty in the field of malware hunting. I was also in a virtual machine with the power that I do every test antivirus test. The power of HIPS is excellent. Because everything is in the hands of the user.
  13. Captain


    Hello Thank you for responding If I click on this feature I urge Only I'm not But friends and people who have used this product in my opinion are OK also. Believe that feature Behavior Blocker is just not enough. Some malicious files that are digitally signed in they are malicious files will be placed Unfortunately in my testing because the same lack of HIPS, the system gets infected.
  14. Captain


    Hello Please add the feature of HIPS. People who agree to announce their opinion. Just not enough Behavior Blocker. Best regards. Thanks Fabian Wosar for answering. Yes is correct. But I and the people who have this product, they are about HIPS is also positive. If the number of positive votes for adding more HIPS, you add it? HIPS features can be enabled with many options. Like Comodo So please I beg you thinking on this issue.
  15. Add HIPS Hello Please add the feature of HIPS. People who agree to announce their opinion. Just not enough Behavior Blocker. Best regards.