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  1. Thanks. I hope this will gets solved in the next update.
  2. You Sir are a monster! It works! But this means that Emsisoft Internet Security firewall is poorly designed...
  3. Unfortunately this did not fix the issue for me. I tried to update EEK on multiple computers, all failed. I even tethered my network using my mobile phone to update EEK, still no go.
  4. Okey, turned the sending info on and I was able to reproduce the issue. Unfortunetly it crashes multiple times and I'm unable to click on the "Send info" button.
  5. I have turned that off inj Privacy Settings. Also this crashes multiple times in a row, blocking everything. I don't know if it's capable of sending the info. I'll turn on the sending of crash info.
  6. I have exactly this same problem running EEK. I tried many times..,. Should be easy to reproduce, just download EEK and try to update the signmature database. It just get's stuck. I'm also running Win 10 x64.
  7. Running Emsisoft Internet Security build on a clean Windows 10 install. I face this error everytime I click on the "Update" button and then close Emsisoft window fast enough. It's quite anoying since there is no way to close the windows unless I disable Emsisoft and use task manager to kill the window.
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