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  1. Tried again with this and another 3 cds but unfortunately still no good. I have given up now and called someone to come and take a look. I can no longer waste time on this. I have a very ill relative to deal with and much travelling so will have to give up and hopefully it can be fixed. Thank you anyway.
  2. I've made the Kapersky Rescue Disk - but just cannot boot the infected computer with it. I get into the BIOS (using F2) - tab across to BOOT - down to CD/DVD drives - in the pop up box it gives me two options - presumably as there are 2 drives - it does not matter which I select but nothing at all happens. I've even tried ejecting the rescue disk with this screen on display and running it again but nothing at all happens. How do I get the computer to run the rescue disk? I have followed all the instructions to making the disk. thank you
  3. I'm trying to get my head round your earlier reply. The bit where you say 'when you have the ISO file download....' What ISO file and down loaded from where? Also, will a reformat of the hard drive kill the virus?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I am currently posting from a borrowed iPad so will have to see if I can do the above somehow.
  5. I'm not too sure what you mean. From switching it on it takes forever to start booting up. Pressing the f8 key sometimes will show what appears to be the option for safe mode where you can choose safe mode with networking etc.... but it does not let me select it as the up/down arrows won't move. Once the computer is actually booted up, it does not matter what I select or try to do, including the Run command, nothing else works as the pop up just takes over the screen.
  6. I am posting from another computer as mine is totally unusable. I cannot boot in safe mode and everything I click on or try to do just gives me the pop up for system doctor. I am unable to do anything at all with the computer. I have not idea how I have got it as I already had mcafee installed and up to date. I have unplugged the computer from the Internet as I have no idea what this thing might be doing. I am running windows Xp. Is there anything I can do or is my computer as ruined as I think? I am not a computer techie so some simple help would be appreciated. Thank you. Sob...
  7. OK - thanks for the quick reply. I'll try and work thru the links. I did go to the original Start Here link but gave up trying to understand it. I'll try again.
  8. Hi. I have had this message come up after a scan and do not know how to progress from here! I am not a techie so would appreciate some simple help. I have also had a similar message for another item that refers to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\Trymedia Systems\ActiveMARK software cannot be deleted. Are either of these a problem and do they need to be deleted? many thanks
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