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  1. I feel like im talking to a wall. Anyway, here are the logs. I uploaded the major file. Also, while this has been going on a couple more files just like it that won't allow removal but are downloading secretly and trying to set things to auto update etc etc etc, changing things without my permission etc etc etc have popped up and emsisoft scan jumps to eighty percent and won't scan past that, won't finish a scan. Or at least is having trouble doing so. I got this mornings scan up to eighty one percent... but the one that ran last night was still at eighty this morning. I am hoping
  2. I see, I missed the part where it said not to post the file stuff, but to wait until you were asked. I appologize. I already did what you are saying to do. In fact, that is the reason I have the emergency kit on my computer on top of emsisoft anti malware, which is what informed me of the issue to begin with. I have been unable to find a version of Farbar that is compatable with windows10, the operating system this computer has. So far I can find versions that go all the way up to windows seven, however not one that says it is compatable with Windows10. Nevermind, it now says it is com
  3. So, this laptop is pretty new. I could only fix our old computer so many times(its near fifteen years old and a laptop that still runs but it isn't keeping up and the hardware is biting the dust slowly but surely and has been for awhile) so we got this new one on clearance. Anyway, we have windows 10 on it. So some of the stuff I could use to see if I can get this out I can't. Anyway, is says a kernel file has been detected as infected and it cannot be quarenteened or deleted as it is neccessary for windows to run. It is an essential file basically. The one infected is C:\Windows\S
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