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  1. I have 11 days left on my subscription. Will these these days be added to my renewal or should I wait to the very last day to renew? Thanks.
  2. A Windows system restore point sorted out the problem. Is Malwarebytes Anti- Exploit compatible with Emsisoft?
  3. My Emsisoft Antimalware latest version has not been automatically updated since Oct 3 according to the log.. I tried several manual updates today but I get the same result.I still have that orange color in first box in program ui System specs: AMD quadcore cpu, 8gigs Ram,Windows 7 64 bit Sp1, Malwarebytes free, Adwcleaner, Cryptoprevent and free Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. Also the program will not allow me to check the box for surf protection and behavior blocker!