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  1. not sure it seems like maybe its just a deselecting issue with my windows? seems its happenign to others aswell , tyed to disable windows report error, didn't help . thought maybe that was issue but I do see a conhost.exe that opens and closes each time the window clicks outside of the game. it starts up and goes away before I can click on it twice. to see source or search online or anything.
  2. file is attached , I didn't see anything popup but the host file tab said I could fix host file , but showed nothing in the actual box describing any problem. rk_595.tmp.txt
  3. there is still something switching me off my game and randomly I see like 3 or 4 windows side by side pop and disappear about 100 times per second, and then once I click contrl +alt+del it stops when I window back into the desktop from task manager. I have included a video of my screen . you cannot see the tabbing out of the window as clearly as when I'm viewing it, but you can defiantly see something is running that isn't supposed to be .(when I tried to replay the video it would not play once I converted it , so ill upload the windows encoder version of it and then the wmv version. wmv ver
  4. alright just dont lock up the thread on me :-) when you have time, I apriciate it. :-) newAddition.txt newFRST.txt
  5. I will re-run the two scans and attach them after I get back from work. the tabbing in and out was happening since b4 the reset. altho I was getting popups and could not connect to any internet on this computer. now I can. so it has cleaned somethigns but the Trojan is still in effect I'm pretty sure.
  6. oddly it finished another scan each time i maximized the window and went back into windowed mode so here it is.dosnt look like it found much. but windows that are hidden keep poping up and as I play my game pathof exile the mouse will randomly click other places and looks like twice every seconds or so the game tabs out and then tabs back in. as if I'm interrupting a background app. JRT.txt
  7. adware cleaner is attached. the Junkware program is still running after 12+ hours , so when that is done ill upload. checked startup, processes, services, files and now folders. Ill let it run while I go to work. AdwCleanerC1.txt
  8. I used spybot and removed tons of addware that was blocking me from doing a reset keeping my personal files. Computer is all good now. thanks tho. [update] after an hour or so ... clearly the Trojan is not gone....im so lost..I ended up doing a system reset keeping personal files. A Hp setting threw control panel. FAILED! If u need me to do anything additional now , please let me know. thanks
  9. -I downloaded a file(music album)with no firewall/protection programs on my computer(stupid I know) and now I have 1 or more Trojan+ countless adware? I downloaded avg -free after, then Emsisoft Anti-Malware program, did a scan quarantined and then did custom scan to find more. -After I received a message saying not all files could be removed, I came here. because I have some files I quarantined that do not show up (I don't think) on the files you asked for. I included a log for the quarantined log also. -So I quarantined some things b4 I ran eek and frst Thank you in advance for your
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