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  1. nothing detected since last post...Thanks alot for your concern
  2. Here You Go... Fixlog.txt scan_151017-002820.txt FRST.txt I'm afraid the same malicious folders gets created again we a new Trojan :S
  3. in these last 2 days since last reply i have been detecting a Trojans once or twice a day, latest 2 detections were Trojan:Win32/Miuref.F so I ran the EEK scan and FRST scan and attached the logs scan_151016-054536.txt FRST.txt Also, I deleted the 2 registry values detected by EEK as you told me to do.
  4. Here you go FRST.txt scan_151013-210945.txt Addition.txt wasn't created this time ^^
  5. Okay, i followed your steps and these are the log files AdwCleanerC1.txt JRT.txt Fixlog.txt and to let you know, I already deleted Epqtion, Ohics and Temp folders from AppData before you replied to my post so it appeared as File not found in the Fixlog. What is Next ?
  6. Dears, Windows Defender keeps detecting this Virus/Trojan "Kovter.C!reg" every minute after I delete it each time so I decided to come here. I ran EEK scan and Farbar scan so kindly help me... here are the logs scan_151013-143105.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt Thanks in advance.
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