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  1. Hi Kevin Thank you .. Managed to get back to desktop thanks - can access my control panel, but cant access the uninstall option ..... any ideas? you help is most appreciated Thank you
  2. Hi Thanks Kevin .. but i can no longer access my desktop, just black screen with a mouse arrow tryed to goto safe mode to uninstall, but it wont let me uninstall programs can you remote access my pc ? Thank you Mark
  3. Hi How do i uninstall a program if i cant access control panel/ programs/ uninstall programs list please ? Thank you Mark
  4. Hi Can someone help please ? Also sorry for creating a second topic, please tell me how to delete topics , and i will delete both topics when resolved THANK YOU"!!!!! scan_151014-091814.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  5. Hi I couldnt get this stuff removed... C:\Program Files (x86)\daemon tools toolbar C:\Program Files (x86)\free offers from freeze.com C:\Program Files (x86)\Free Offers from Freeze.com\ C:\Program Files (x86)\smart pc cleaner C:\Program Files\Common Files\goobzo C:\Program Files\News.net C:\ProgramData\{b49a644a-1076-4a3d-b124-daa7862f2318} C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\gamesdesktop C:\ProgramData\premium C:\ProgramData\regwork C:\Users\justice\AppData\Local\DeskBar C:\Users\justice\AppData\Local\SwvUpdater C:\Users\justice\AppData\Roaming\babylon C:\Users\justic
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