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  1. Good morning, I'm embarrassed to report I was using the wrong license key. I've corrected that and all is well. Thank you for your time, Angeline
  2. I forgot to add to the above post that I have 8 months left on the license I had for the previous outdated version and I want to use it up. Thanks, Angeline
  3. I have installed version 11.0 of EAM on my present machine. EAM tells me to select the license I want to use. There is only one and it is greyed out. When I click on Next, a window pops up that says"Please select the preferred license". Won't allow me to select the preferred license. Instructions under Help tell me I can transfer license to a new computer but it is not allowing me to do that.Also, there is no "I have a license key". Where do I go from here?
  4. A major problem has prevented the application from starting, etc.,etc. Uninstalled Emsisoft. Reinstalled new updated version. 8 months left on license from previous version. Installation would not allow me to use it. According to Emsisoft I have to install a new license. I chose as of now to use the trial for 30 days. I would like credit for the 8 months left on the previous license. How do I go about that? Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit i3 Emsisoft Antmalware
  5. Hi Kevin, I've returned to Win 8.1. Thank you for your time and effort. Win 10 was not installed correctly. Too many issues with it. I'll do a clean install at a later date. Thanks again.
  6. The only option I see is to save in documents and then move to desktop and yes both are shortcuts.
  7. I have run FRST 64 several times and each time I receive the message that fixlist.txt is not found. It is there in the same location. I'm working with IE on Win 10. Will try MS Edge to see if that makes a difference.
  8. Having trouble with this. Twice when I tried to save fixlist to Notepad, AdwCleaner was saved instead. On the third try, fixlist was saved. I've run FRST but fix doesn't work or else I'm doing something incorrectly. Probably the latter. AdwCleaner.txt
  9. Files are attached. Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_151015-124343.rtf
  10. Another infection popped up late last evening. It happened so fast I'm not sure what I clicked on to initiate it. This time it is C:\Windows\System32\DataExchangeHost.exe. I need some help again. This is the third in a short time. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Angeline
  11. I hope I've done this correctly. scan_151014-120715.txt FRST.txt
  12. Two popups from Emsisoft stated infections: C:\Windows\System32\RuntimeBroker.exe C:\Windows\System32\taskhostw.exe. Emsisoft directed me to this forum for assistance. Thank you. Will wait for further directions.
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