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  1. Kevin, In view of the two more infected files I mentioned in my post above, would my best course of action now be to restore to factory settings or would this only reinstall the infection if, as you said " The one item is probably something from when the computer was built"? Although reinstalling programs and resetting settings after restoring to factory settings would take me quite a few hours, it may be a certain solution (I'd like your advice on that) and get my computer up and running sooner than we would otherwise. Thanks again for your assistance.
  2. Kevin, EIS has done a scheduled scan and found two infected files (rather worrying). I told it to quarantine them. Report attached. I am going to leave the computer turned off now, except when carrying out your instructions. scan_151017-221902.txt
  3. Thanks Kevin. AdwCleaner and JWT log files attached.AdwCleanerC1.txtJRT.txt
  4. Kevin, After doing as you advised in your post above and considering that Fixlog.txt only reported successful actions, I was hoping that your next post would advise me that the problem had been solved but unfortunately EIS has just repeated exactly the same message as I quoted in my first post. So it would appear that the problem has not been solved yet. Perhaps you didn't expect it to be. I really appreciate your assistance but I am concerned that at a rate of one message per day between us and none at weekends it could take a very long time to solve my problem. I have a number of
  5. Thank you Kevin. Fixlog.txt file attached.Fixlog.txt
  6. I found this morning that Emsisoft Internet Security had not updated for about two days. I looked at the update logs and found that it had been unable to connect to the internet, although other programs had been able to connect O.K. I sent a detailed message to Emsisoft via their website asking for help regarding this. A few hours later my computer showed a pop-up message from Emsisoft Internet Security program warning me that a file (WinSAT.exe) was exhibiting suspicious behaviour (I've forgotten what type) and recommending that I quarantine the file. I did this and immediately the fol
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