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  1. My computer doesn't come with a user manual or any disks... can you tell me how to go about it or where to find info on how to do it?
  2. When I ran RootRepeal errors popped up, then the program stopped working. I still got a report, but it was very short. Here it is...
  3. My google sites are still redirecting! Do u still think I need to do that?
  4. When ComboFix finished, it said it had to submit some files for analysis... Here are the logs you requested...
  5. Okay, my logs are attached to this post... It looks like I have quite a few things that popped up...
  6. I haven't received a reply in a while, should I start a new post or somethin?
  7. Actually, the HijackThis log is attached to this post... I didn't read the inline rule...
  8. Well, I tried HijackThis again, and it actually worked this time. Here's the log: ~ INLINE LOGS REMOVED {Lynx}
  9. Here is my A-Squared Report: ~ INLINE LOGS REMOVED {Lynx} I'll be waiting, thanks alot for the help! The files are also attached in case you prefer it that way.
  10. Every Anti-Malware I try to download and use on my computer is being disabled by this virus/trojan I have. I've tried several different ones. I need help to get to the point where I can use HiJackThis and get help from you guys. Any advice would be appreciated! -Sarah
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