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  1. Ok...going to do it this weekend. Will let u know if there are problems with the malware after the reset.
  2. Yeah I got the same conclusion, but if I do that on the drive where it's installed (C drive) will anything happen to a separate internal drive ? (D drive)
  3. Already tried that. Apparently when I installed Win 10 it reset the system and no restore points were saved and the system never informed me to set new restore points.
  4. Yes, I was able to boot into Win 10 for about a week until the Bad Pool thing happened this weekend.
  5. I don't think that's going to work. Under 'troubleshoot' there's no option for 'refreshing'. Apparently in Windows 10 it's been rolled into the 'reset' function which is something I've been trying to avoid. See this link for more. http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/4090-refresh-windows-10-a.html Do u think this 'Bad Pool' thing was caused by whatever was clogging up my computer?
  6. The Fixlog is attached. Also my problem seems to be growing. I can't boot into normal windows mode anymore. I just get a blue screen that says my PC will reboot with a note to look up something called 'Bad_Pool_Header'. eventually I'm able to boot into safe mode. elliott Fixlog.txt
  7. Something is causing my PC to run something in the background soon after it boots that slows it down to a crawl. It doesn't happen right away, but gets worse as I try to open any windows or apps. Eventually everything seems to stop and I can hear the HD intermittently start and stop. Soon, the PC gives up and restarts. As a result I'm not sure the emsisoft emergency scan completed but it did generate a log which I attached per your instructions along with the FRST logs. I've tried everything including ccleaner, rkill, Hijackthis, malewarebytes and a few others to try and correct this. Noth
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