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  1. Found the notepad and ran the tool, say it completed. I ran the scan tool after the fix and I am still getting the same results. Here is the log: Fix result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (x64) Version:25-10-2015 02 Ran by mike (2015-10-25 18:01:58) Run:2 Running from C:\Users\mike\Desktop Loaded Profiles: mike (Available Profiles: mike) Boot Mode: Normal
  2. the scan log says :adware/generic 1329508 (B) c:\windows\sysytem32\drivers\SPPD.sys
  3. I tried to upload the emergency scan log as a word doc and it would not let me. No idea how to get to notepad?
  4. I just ran the scan and there were 2 files that would not let me delete. I came to forums as instructed, ran the emergency kit, then FBAR. Attached is the logs as instructed. Shortcut.txtAddition.txtFRST.txt
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