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  1. I have uninstalled EIS and now it's not possible to start windows firewall. Error code: 0x80070005. Before installation of EIS everything was fine.
  2. Today I have found that my settings have been changed to ask/allow/ask/allow - how's that possible if beside me nobody else has access to my laptop? The only thing that I can think of and that could have affected these settings was a system crash while trying to open vmware. Regarding openvpn, today like always I was unable to connect with message: Tue Nov 17 21:56:34 2015 Route: Waiting for TUN/TAP interface to come up... Tue Nov 17 21:56:35 2015 TEST ROUTES: 0/1 succeeded len=0 ret=0 a=0 u/d=up Tue Nov 17 21:56:35 2015 Route: Waiting for TUN/TAP interface to come up... Tue Nov 17 21:56:36
  3. It sits on a partition mounted after system reboot but I think the problem is in the firewall settings that should not allow every application to be trusted automatically.
  4. As shown on the uploaded screenshot - ALL access are allowed for svchost, but EIS opens a popup each time a computer is restarted/coming up from sleep mode.
  5. I'm sorry if I'm being rude. English is not my native language. Additionally, I'm very frustrated because I've been looking for a good firewall for a long time. EIS seemed like a good choice but it looks like it's made for absolute computer beginners and not for power users. I guess I could leave the forum immediately and ask for a cash back if you would direct me to a similar software with options that I desire.
  6. Are you serious? That means If my application is not working I have to find out which ports it is using and add them MANUALLY in the firewall config? Or could you please explain how the option "Ask", marked everywhere in firewall settings, should work? It looks like I'm not a standard EIS user but my understanding is that "Ask" should trigger a popup EVERYTIME a program wants to access a network. In that case EIS just blocks the program (ie. Openvpn) and displays nothing - is this the correct behavior in your opinion? And I will repeat the question: have you tested it in full automatic mode
  7. You are right, most of the shortcuts icons disappeared from my desktop but, additionally, all Word document icons did the same.
  8. If Firewall is set to "Ask" it blocks most of the programs that I've used from running properly, without any information. It looks like a lot of people are using EIS in fully automatic mode. That's not my case, I'd like to be able to decide on my own. In other security suits this option is easily accessible and works fine but for some reason EIS developers have focus on making EIS friendly only for beginners, inexperienced users and people look like to set everything to automatic mode.
  9. Please refrain from replying if you don't know what is the status of this issue. All logs were already sent to appropriate user but nobody contacted me. In the meantime Emsisoft released "stable" version 11.
  10. I still haven't got any reply from you Q&A support. And the VMware player is still not working!
  11. I forgot to mention it earlier but I suppose that this problem is also related to EIS11. More or less at the time of the upgrade to beta version I lost icons from significant amount of programs, ie. word, some program shortcuts. How's this possible and can I get back my icons?
  12. You misunderstood me. I didn't block anything. EIS DID NOT prompt about opening any ports and just decided to block the program WITHOUT ANY MESSAGE/INFORMATION.
  13. Is this a joke that you have released such a bugged version as stable?
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